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Posted by Maurizio Dante Seveso, Apr 28 2010 8:28AM

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Ayurveda - Marma massage

During the promotion of my treatment I have found a lot of difficulties, because of too much little knowledge of it. Now; I write a short description of it and its benifits in order to start a clear and effective communication and promotion.

Marma massage is an ancient compelling technique belonging to Ayurveda tradition; which is dated back 3,500 years ago and which comes from India; it is considered the right answer to the growing demand of wellness.

Thanks for direct action on marma, which are vital dots spread all over the human body; the therapist promotes effective ridding process of all negative elements and factors, which are responsible for most of psychological limits and modern diseases. Due to the practicing environment, they help to have more emotional and physical consciousness improving healing process.

Benefits of Marma massage

- Skeletal System

 Aids and corrects body posture and balance
 Reduces muscular tension which can lead to structural problems
 Increases nutrient flow to bones

- Respiration System

 Improves breathing patterns
 Helps respiratory problems such as asthma and coughing

- Digestive System

 Helps reduce constipation and eliminate waste
 Relieves spastic colon and IBS
 Reduces oedema
 Cleanses blood by massaging and toning kidneys

- Circulatory System

 Stimulates blood circulation
 Increases blood and nutrient flow to the cells
 Stimulates and cleanses lymphatic tissues
 Strengthens the immune system
 Rids body of toxins

- Muscular System

 Relieves muscle tension and spasms
 Increases blood and nutrient supplies to the muscles
 Eliminates waste such as lactic acid
 Helps restore muscle tone and increases joint flexibility

- Nervous System

 Balances nervous system by increasing, decreasing and smoothing energies
 Releases withheld and destructive emotions
 Relaxes and calms
 Helps headaches and insomnia
 Raises endorphins and promoting healing

I practice at Fitness First Cottons in London Bridge and everybody is welcome: I am available to answer to the questions about my treatment.

Diane Revelle
Apr 28 2010 11:08AM
AYURVEDIC treatments have restored my sister in law to complete health. Due to chronic stress,she developed 'alopecia universalis', not a single hair left on her body, and the wonderful Dr Ali brought her frail, weakened body and spirit back from the brink. Through Ayurvedic remedies and massage she steadily gained weight and strenghth, and now looks totally wonderful. All her hair is restored, her weight moved from a dangerous 5 1/2 stone to a much happier 8 1/2 stone, and she has her confidence back. Her life was saved.
Diane Revelle MCthA
Carmen O'Connor
Apr 28 2010 11:36AM
I've never experienced your treatment myself, but if the above testimonial/fact isn't testament enough, I don't know what more proof people need! Why is scientific proof then needed to qualify it? It's my belief that people need to learn to trust in themselves more, listen to themselves more and know themselves more rather than listening to external clarifications - what works for one might not work for another, but if it works, it works - simples!
Carmen O'Connor - Reiki Master Teacher and Complementary Therapist

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