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Posted by Yvonne Main, Oct 6 2005 12:14PM

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i was wondering if anyone has found a good web site for research in this field. I have been searching for a while now and have found this to be a difficult task

Marianne Free Allitt
Oct 7 2005 5:59PM
What research do you specifically want to do??
Yvonne Main
Oct 7 2005 10:37PM
marianne, thank you for your reply. I have been trying to find out which oils are best for which condition i happen to be treating at the time. and basically general information. one new potential client is an 18monthe young boy with cerebral palsay i was thinking of lavender oil,? at 1% .

another client has polycystic ovaries and i do not which to make matters worse by using an oil that could make the condition worse.
Judith Soames
Oct 30 2005 8:37PM

I may be old fashioned, but I refer to Valerie Worwood's book The Fragrant Pharmacy as a starting point for any aromatherapy queries I have. It was published in 1990 and may be slightly out of date with regards very recent research, but I find it helpful if I need reassurance that my initial choice of oils is along the right lines.

You are unlikely to have an adverse affect on polycystic ovaries - choose oils with a hormonal activity.

I have treated adults and young people with mental and physical disabilities, but no one with cerebral palsy or so young. However, since he is so young I agree with lavender but I would recommend you always blend it with another oil, such as sweet orange, grapefruit or similar citrus oil as they are slightly stimulating, have a pleasing scent and in my experience i have achieved better results when blending more than one oil. I would concentrate more on massage since he is so young and introduce stronger oils as he gets older.

Regards, Jude

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