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Posted by Preetika Garg, Apr 28 2010 11:07AM

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Homoeopathy is an art and science of curing each and every disease starting from head to foot be it acute or chronic except disease that require surgical intervention.
Homoeopathy is based on a law 'SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTER' that is 'let likes be treated by likes'. This means a patient with a particular group of symptoms will be given a remedy that can produce similar symptoms on a healthy human being. It sounds very confusing but the fact is by doing this the patient's self-defence immune system is stimulated and then nothing remains except CURE. All the homoeopathic medicines are well-proved and hence without any side-effect.
One will never know the effect of homoeopathy without experiencing it.
I am always available to answer any questions regarding this wonderful method of treatment.
Thank You!

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