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Posted by Susan Quayle, Apr 29 2010 8:34AM

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Maternity Reflexology - fertility, pregnancy & labour and post natal

I am a complementary therapist specialising in Maternity Reflexology and am a founder member of the group Maternity Reflexology South West. If you are suffering from any maternity related problems either in pregnancy or postnatally reflexology can help or if you are planning a family or have been trying unsuccessfully we may be able to help. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally or come and chat on our forum at we are all reflexologists and some of us are midwives too.
Angela Gollop
Apr 29 2010 11:48AM

I have just started treating a regular client for morning sickness, within her first trimester. I was happy to refer her a Maternity Reflexologist, but she did not want to change to a new Therapist, and wanted me to continue with her regular treatments. I have obtain the necessary consents from the client herself and her GP, both happy for me to treat her. I would however, like to ask if there is anything I should be made aware of when applying treatments.


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