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Posted by Jon Matson, Apr 30 2010 10:33AM

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CNHC email and web details

Is anyone else having problems with CNHC. I've been accepted which is good but on the profile page you can't list an email or web address. I've had three or four conversation with them about this and they tell me its for security yet they give your salon address and telephone number out. Surly the idea of CNHC is so that people can check your acceptability and then book a treatment with you. In today's age of technology surly an email and web address is a vital way of communication. To me it makes no scenes and am beginning to think its another way of getting money out of us.
Angela Rawlins
Apr 30 2010 11:07AM
Hi Jon

Do you attend your local support group? Your local co-ordinator will be able to help
Jon Matson
Apr 30 2010 11:10AM
Hi Angela

Thanks for the reply, I've just heard back from the CNHC and they are going to put links on within two weeks

Thanks again

Take care Jon x
Dawn Spragg
Apr 30 2010 11:15PM
Where do you find the local CNHC support group ?
Jon Matson
Apr 30 2010 11:50PM
I have no idea... if you find it please let me know... I have to be honest it all seems hard work to me.
Dawn Spragg
May 1 2010 12:01AM
Oh tell me about it . I had such high hope for the CNHC
Well it looks like another half a million of tax payers money wasted not to mention a supposed 2000 registrations at least £45.00 a pop (thats £90,000 at my reckoning ) I think I should give up 15 years of therapy and teaching and start a regulatory board.
Jon Matson
May 1 2010 12:08AM
lol, I know the feeling, I was the same I thought at long last everything will be OK the CNHC will sort everything out, first of all they lost my application and when you talk to them they are not a friendly bunch, its as if they are doing us a favour. the phone conversations I've had about emails and web address showing is unbelievable I thought I was talking a different language at one stage.

The other problem is no one knows what the CNHC is for as they aren't promoting it! and also it doesn't rank very high on searches.
Dawn Spragg
May 1 2010 12:17AM
This is a snippet that i posted on nother blog; so you can see im am so with you on all you are saying

For years we as professional therapists have been calling out for fully qualified therapists to be recognised for their skills, the very obvious benefits of their chosen therapy in assisting the healing and our ability to take the pressure of the NHS by maintenance rather than cure. We halve also been crying out to be able to be utilised by the NHS to work along side other health professionals.
Finally the separation from what I call the “weekend trained therapist” So I was delighted when at last a register the CNHC came to the fore. At last a professional regulatory body for Complementary Therapy.
A year on after joining my disappointment is tangible.
Who has actually heard of the CNHC, the general public have no idea what the CNHC is and what it stands for or represents. Hell, even our own professional body and the therapist who belong to it still have no idea. It has fallen short of all of its promises and goals. Just another Government funded quango? Every person who has seen the letters CNHC after my name has had to ask “ what does this stand for”
Where are the bill boards, where is the TV advertising, there is no point promoting in therapy trade magazines and journals. Where are the adverts in the NHS professional trade journals.
After receiving my membership reminder today ; (oooh and the offer of a free badge if I send a SAE ) Today I am sending the following to the CNHC to comment on and I will post their reply :

Please can you advise me why my total registration cost is £45.00 as I am a member of the CThA and this operates a discount scheme?

Please can you also advise me as to when the CNHC will actually be making themselves know to the general public through advertising mediums of any kind? Not one of my clients has even heard of the CNHC. I will be putting this information in my newsletter to my clients sent to over 200 people and asking for their opinion and feedback.

I have not received one client referral from the CNHC web site and none of my students seem to have a clue about the association. so what does this say about the profile of the CNHC what is the incentive for staying a member.

I also would not publicise that you have a membership of 2000, this is an extremely low number in comparison to all of the professional therapists there are in the UK.

Is your database being used by the NHS to source therapist?

Do you have figures of how many hits you have on the web site each day averaging over a week looking for Aromatherapy ?

Why should I and others professional therapists like me stay with the Council .

Finally as for “free badge offered “do you not think that a couple of badges could just be sent out to all therapists on the register and who rejoin rather that this request for the SAE I’m sure with the government funding and the fee that is being levied for our annual registration you can afford to send out 2000 small packets to your members? It would cost about £1000.00 P&P at a ruff estimate, if the CNHC cannot afford this then we may as well give up now.

Dawn XX
Jon Matson
May 1 2010 12:26AM
Dawn I'm with you all the way!!!!

It will be interesting to see if anyone else has had the same problems / feeling.

I posted my comments on Health pages and Holistic Local no one has posted anything as of yet.

Take care and keep in touch Jon x
Angela Rawlins
May 4 2010 3:17PM

Both please go to the forum - Regulation & Cam, Edith Maskill. Unfortunately there are various postings for 'Regulation' and you can miss important information.
Angela Rawlins
May 4 2010 3:22PM
The only support groups I know of are the CThA's
Charlotte Bacon
May 19 2010 2:53PM

Read the details here:

Jon Matson
May 19 2010 2:55PM
I've asked for my money back!!! i think we should all do the same...
Angela Rawlins
May 19 2010 5:22PM
Yes - I have also had the email. HOW, can this person be on the Conduct and Competence Committee!!!
Totally at odds with complementary therapy.

Did anyone realise that John Dent is on the Professional Standards Committee for the CNHC?
Jon Matson
May 19 2010 5:35PM
I think this whole thing goes to show that a number of organisation are a complete waste of time, which saddens me to say that! all they are after is your money. what makes this worse is its been set up with tax payers money as well.
Gillian Kenyon
May 21 2010 4:52PM
I was saddened to receive an e-mail from Foundation for Integrated Health (FIH) - the body initially responsible for setting up all these different regulatory body sub groups. FIH was the body funded by the Prince of Wales due to his belief and support of complementary Therapies. The e-mail stated that the FIH has been closed because due to the 'FRAUD INVESTIGATION'. Has anyone else seen this e-mail and is it bogus or real ?.

It has since been followed by a series of e-mails to me from goodness knows who - one referring to companies house records showing that Jennifer Waite was a director of FHT's associated insurance company receiving benefits and all the time she is supposed to be an FHT elected representative of therapist members of FHT and as such is acting for FHT on the various regulatory bodies. Let alone that she also launched her own therapy school at just the same time as she started working on the Education sub-committee of GCMT and devising the Educational standards that 'accredited' courses should meet. How can that be I asked myself ?. Perhaps it was another bogus e-mail - but I really don't know.

And now, to read that CNHC has people sitting on it's committees who wit is claimed were also publicly against complementary therapies - where do we go from here ?.

We all need to acknowledge that associations, affiliation groups, institutes etc have running costs that need to be covered and that people who work for the benefit of others do need to earn enough to sustain that work. However, just as we have recently witnesssed with the expenses scandall in politics, should we be asking for greater information and transparencey in relation to the people who our associations are putting forward to represent us at these groups involved with regulation?
Jon Matson
May 21 2010 5:46PM
I couldn't agree more!
Angela Rawlins
May 21 2010 9:05PM
Yes it is true about the FIH it was in the papers. Yes it is true about a certain person who is on the CHNC's board having views incompatible with Complementary therapy!

There are two main Regulating bodies - GRCCT & CNHC you can register with either. CNHC is getting funding from the DoH with proviso that they meet the required number of therapists registering - 10,000 with in their first year, I think! The funding was also open to the GRCCT. As far as I know - neither have preferential status.
Julie Egginton
Jun 5 2010 12:36PM
Interesting and valid comments from all. So glad I've chosen not to register with them until such time as I am assured of a return on my £45+ investment. Recommendations from their telephone research with complementary therapists in the UK conducted in April makes for interesting reading, although perhaps not best to read too much into the numbers as a minimum 100 responses is usually the norm to provide statistically reliable data.

It's so sad, as I had such high hopes.
Amanda Clegg
Jun 6 2010 11:47PM
I've thankfully held back on registering with anybody, as it wasn't clear from the outset what their PR activity was going to be, nor what support they really had from Govt and NHS - to whit, the appointment of Colqhoun! I've just made sure I keep up to date with CPD in general so I know my skills are the best I am able to offer - my clients seem happy as they keep coming back and referring. Hopefully when something better does happen we'll all still have some budget left to join i, having not wasted any more than we need on useless quangos!

Rant over - just off to research a bit about stretches and strengtheners for singers' abs!

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