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Posted Apr 30 2010 11:44AM

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Maternity Reflexology

Is reflexology safe in the first three months of pregnancy
Christine Taylor
May 1 2010 3:07PM
I have been qualified as a Reflexologist for 12 years and in my training was advised that the first and third trimester of pregnancy was a contra indication and therefore NOT TO TREAT. But, I always have. There are reflex points on the feet and legs that should be avoided during these times and all Reflexologists know where and what they are.

As I work holistically, (Mind, Body and Spirit) I believe that all treatments that help a client relax are beneficial. In Reflexology I believe we are touching into the Healer Within, i.e. Energy, Chi, Prahna or Spirit (whatever name one calls it). I also believe that what one thinks is what will be created. If a client or practitioner believes Reflexology can be harmful i/n pregnancy it is fear based and fear will win. If we believe in healing and well being then that is what will be achieved.

I did extra training to specialise in Infertility and this also has given me the confidence and awareness to practice the way I do.

I do hope this has been helpful.

Chris Taylor
Therapeutic Massage
Reiki Practitioner
Metaphysical Counsellor/Teacher

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