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Posted by Shane Newman, May 7 2010 10:52AM

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Moving to Eastergate

Hello, i am a qualified massage therapist. I currently work as an assistant physio in a brain injury rehab center, which is a great place to work and i can use my massage skills within the department. Unfortunately it will be too far away to commute each day as i have my son to take care of too.
I am looking for a group to help me relocate and start to build up a client base in West Sussex.
Do you know the rates of working within a health club or spa?
Hope to hear back soon.

Christine Anne Peters
May 7 2010 1:24PM
Hi Shane

Sorry I am unable to help as I work in Pactice alone.

Hopefully someone will have the info you requireor you could try Wickwoods just recently renovated with a large client base.

Good Luck

Christine Peters
Shane Newman
May 7 2010 3:18PM
Thanks Christine, just looked it up
Terence Weston
May 11 2010 12:53PM

Apologies, I don't think I can help you in this instance. We have local group meetings in Worthing, but that is well out of your area.

Good Luck
Terry Weston
Sara-Jane Lethem
May 12 2010 4:57PM
Hi Shane,
My name is also Shane and I have recently set up in Eastergate from my home in massage and beauty therapy.
There are some rooms in Littlehampton, which various holistic therapist practice, there is also a physiotherapist on the fontwell road that might have space I haven't investigated those yet nor can I remeber their names offhand.
Shane Lethem
Shane Newman
May 12 2010 9:20PM
Hi Shane, what a coincidence!! Thanks for your reply Terry, maybe i will set one up closer to home, Shane would you be interested in that?? Do you know many other therapists in the area??
I don't want to step on your toes, are these places you intend to seek work in??
Sorry lots of questions, just a bit excited about the move!
Sara-Jane Lethem
Aug 20 2010 5:18PM
Hi Shane I gather you have moved now as one of my clients mentioned they had something from you. I presume it is you unless there is a third Shane in Eastergate!! How have you settled down? Do give me a call if you would like to 07789 115879. Regards Shane
Shane Newman
Oct 5 2010 12:47AM
Sorry for the delay, i have settled in well and glad we moved down here, i will give you a call this week, :)
Shane Newman
Nov 26 2010 2:09PM
Hello Shane, hope your well, i am currently doing a home study indian head massage course and i wondered if that is something you offer, if so could we have a study session?? please give me a call 07502 451 449 thanks :)

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