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Posted May 24 2010 11:52PM

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How does Acupuncture help with Asthma?
Amanda Clegg
Jun 6 2010 9:14AM
Not an acupuncturist, but my understnding is that acupuncture stimulates energy flows in the body (meridians) which can have a profound effect upon the physiology. Acupuncture is now available on the NHS for pain relief only (small start, but a step in the right direction) but a good, well trained acupuncturist would be well worth consulting for most problems. My mother has regular NHS treatment from her GP for arthritis pain and it really does help.
Kevin Davies
Aug 4 2010 12:19PM


AcuScen is a holistic treatment.

I am raising awareness for AcuScen - Acupuncture without needles.

AcuScen is ideal for helping those who are not able to move from muscular pain, either from an accident, sports injury or chronic long term condition.
AcuScen is a gentle treatment, gets them out of pain permanently without surgery, without drugs and without having to do painful exercises.

I am based in Bournemouth.

I am more than willing to travel.

Visit our website at or call 01202 640254.



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