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Posted May 30 2010 9:02AM

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My brother (54) is suffering from MND>Is there any cure in aternative medicine.

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Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
Jun 1 2010 9:18PM
Hi I`m so sorry to hear about your brother. This is a very serious condition as you no doubt already know.
As far as Complementary therapies are concerned I would look at them as ways of making your brother comfortable more than producing a cure. Maybe regular massage could help stimulate the nerve pathways but essentially I would use it for comfort. Massage has an amazing therapeutic effect for all people. Maybe some Reiki also - some therapists might do a combination as I do.

A useful site is:

To have as much knowledge as you can and are trying to get here is something that you can do for your brother - but also to make contact with other sufferers and carers for support is a must I`d say.

All the very best to you and may your brother be ever comfortable.

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