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Posted by Mai Brain, Jul 6 2010 9:46PM

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Indian Head massage contra-actions.

I have been practicing IHM at a Spa but I have had 2 clients that have felt faint, is it that they have had a lot of tension in their necks, shoulders and scalps and I have cause a massive increase in blood flow to their brains, that has cause them to come over faint or is my technique too heavy handed? I have had other clients that have been fine afterwards. Has anyone else had the same experience? By the way both clients had had IHM before and had felt OK. I used the occipital acupressure points and wondered whether that was the cause, any information would be appreciated as I don't like to see my clients worse then when they came in.
Thank you Mai.
Dipa Chandegra
Jul 7 2010 11:11AM
You are definitely to heavy handed,too much pressure and you must be touching the auricular nerves to cause dizziness and imbalance. Lighten up, you will now if your client needs or wants the pressure. You can sense the reactions. Don't always follow routine, tune in with them and realise what they need. You could also be pressing too hard at the atlas, top end of the spine....the nerves, muscles and tissues which hold the head up, they are strong yet sensitive especially when unexpressed emotions gather in this chakra.
Mai Brain
Jul 7 2010 12:51PM
Thank you very much for your advice, I will be more gentle in future.
Andrzej Ostapko
Dec 20 2010 9:10AM
Another thing to consider is individual health problems in the clients for example low blood pressure and if the treatment is done after spa(sauna) for example, their pressure may be decreased anyway so when sitting massage is given blood goes down (gravity) and by massage u also make the muscles relaxed and blood vessels expand causing further blood pressure. Albans ask clients about blood pressure and previous activity. Ask them to sit down or lie down and rest a bit prior treatment. People not always tell the truth about their underlying health problems for different reasons ;(
Andrzej Ostapko
Dec 20 2010 9:17AM
I meant : further blood pressure decrease. Excuse my English ;)

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