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Posted by Yvonne Jevons, Jul 14 2010 12:10PM

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New Kids on the Block and Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing workshops - Edinburgh 24-27 July

New Kids on the Block and Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing workshops - Edinburgh.

Having attended both the Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing and School of Life workshops I can honestly say that your soul will welcome these opportunities to waken and grow. On each of these courses, all participants had a fabulous time learning and sharing, as well as blossoming with new vitality. Joy Wisdom guides each soul with compassion and facilitates gentle and nurturing clearing of generations of patterns and ties to many things which are no longer serving your soul. RIGHT BACK TO THE SOUL.
These courses aren’t just about talking and learning, there is so much more to experience throughout.
Allonus - A programme of unique teachings for the Journey of Life. Designed to clear back and connect to the Soul, to attain wisdom, skills, knowledge and personal growth for the Aquarian age.
Places are limited and a deposit of £50 is required to secure your place on the workshop - online booking and payment facility available at

You can contact Joy by email: or telephone: 01691-718927 for specific requirements. Joy is also offering one to one sessions on 28th & 29th July in Edinburgh - please contact her to arrange an appointment.

Please share this information with anyone you feel may be interested or benefit from Joy's workshops.

New Kids on the Block (CPD approved by AoR)- 24th & 25th July - Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh
I would encourage anyone looking to understand the needs of their special 'sensitive' children, grandchildren or themselves at a deeper level to come along for a life changing experience. This course is for ANYONE - not just therapy practitioners.
Weekend course can give you the answers and skills to help yourself and your family. 2 day CPD approved for therapy practitioners.

Our children today are more sensitive than they have ever been. They have grown to be teenagers and adults, parents of the new generation.

New Kids course is a blend of awareness, spiritual insight and practical nutritional information for both parents and professionals. A key focus is behaviour, learning and nutritional guidance on why and how allergies occur, and what can be done about them.

Learn about super foods and natural products that can help. Spiritually we will explore how to recognise sensitive, rebellious or non-conformist people, and learn why they are sensitive to life and the environment.

Learn why some people are sensitive to sound and crowded places, and react easily to others emotions i.e. anger, fear, and anxiety. We will explore why they become frustrated and confused, and why we find it hard to listen to or understand them.
We will discuss why some are labeled ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and even Autistic.

Such people (adults and children) are known as the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or Stellar children. Typical characteristics include:
Energy is finer, more intense
Feel more deeply & get hurt emotionally with deep wounds
Right brain orientated
Super sensitive to environmental stress i.e. noise, arguments, discord, as well as world environment changes
Allergic to certain foods and drink
A tendency to suffer disorders such as Asthma, Eczema and lactose intolerances.
Have imaginary friends or claim to see angels.

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing 26th & 27th July - Gillis Centre, Edinburgh
The word has been growing about Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing. A brand new healing modality, a gentle male energy, which is Loving and supporting, brought in by the Divine Feminine and Masters of LiGHt. Unique - working with Cosmic Energy and Sacred HeARt that aligns with our angelic connection from within. It was back in 2005 when (channelled by Ronna) Archangel Michael mentioned us connecting back to our Diamond core and our Angelic self. The launch of DILH heralded the call for the Angelic brigade to come forward and align with the new energies of Diamond LiGHt, to awaken and join in with their roles for the awakening of humanity, to be the LiGht bearers of the new consciousness.
£150 or £140 if paid before workshop date.

More dates of courses on offer:-
Enjoy a discount on the programmes by booking early.
Other DILH dates are:
July - 26th-27th Gillis Centre, Edinburgh £150 or £140 if paid before workshop
September - 4th -5th - venue TBC

*School of Life (attend 3 or 6 days): (6-day fast track option)
May - 29th -31st (bank holiday weekend) Knutsford – 3-day School of Life
June 11th -13th (2nd half) - Knutsford – 3-day School of Life

*New Kids on the Block:
April 24-25th – Knutsford.
July – 24th -25th Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh.

* CPD approved - AOR

To attain your discount for the forthcoming events book early (see web site)
Early booking discount available if paid for one month before event.
- £20 for early booking – New Kids and School of Life programmes
- £10 for early booking for Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing
Payment in full is required 3 weeks before event.
Installments and concessions upon request.
Pay via Paypal for an easy option via the web site - £5 surcharge will apply

Local contacts -
Scotland - Yvonne -
Midlands courses - Helen -
Glastonbury and London – Angela -

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