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Posted by Vilas Chauhan, Jul 19 2010 2:19PM

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Minutes of the first meeting for the North Kent & South East London Group

Dear North Kent and South East London Members,

I would like to thank all those of you who were able to attend our first meeting and all those who were unable to but were kind enough to contact me to let me know.

Apologies for the short notice that some of you had. Unfortunately, an IT glitch caused members not to receive the information I sent out about my appointment and the meeting date and venue. CThA head office did, however, mail the information as soon as I found out, but this gave only 5 days notice of the event.

I believe, and I hope all the attendees will concur; the meeting was very helpful on many grounds.

After exchanging ideas on how to keep safe when visiting or being visited by a client and how to screen a genuine client from a nuisance call, we discussed how to decide the right amount to charge and what impression it will give about us and the quality and effectiveness of our skills.

We then went on to discuss how to improve our client base.

Amongst the ideas submitted there was the possibility of doing an exhibition at shopping centres (from Bluewater – the most expensive at £1,750.00 for a Saturday event occupying an area about 2.5mt by1.5mt- to The Mall in Bexleyheath Broadway – at £80.00 for similar area for Saturday and Sunday). Obviously, they require organization and commitment from members not just because of the financial aspect but also because the stand will have to be manned by each member for all or part of the day.

During this event, leaflets, bearing the CThA logo and ethos, will be given with the list of therapists taking part/sponsoring the event. In addition, shoppers would be able to have a paid tester of 15 minutes for £10.00.

Another idea was to hold regular events (monthly) at the same venue. Suggested venues were: Crayford Town Hall; Thames Innovation Centre; Blackheath Concert Hall and Bexley Freemantle Hall. I will enquire about the cost of hiring these halls and I will report to the members as soon as possible.

The event would be structured similarly to those in shopping centres, with greeters welcoming people into the hall and directing them to the most appropriate therapy for their needs (or according to whom is less busy). Saturday afternoon and Friday evenings are apparently the best days.

It is the members’ intention to invite local doctors, health counsellors/ practitioners to show them what we do and to see how effective the therapies are. Not just at these events but also at some of our meetings.

We concluded that we can make our membership to CThA more valuable than just a way to receive a magazine, although very informative and well written, and create a more dynamic, vibrant and effective group. After all, it is up to us, its members, to make our group as effective as we want, with our participation and involvement.

It is important for members who are interested in the above events, but were unable to attend the meeting, to contact me as soon as possible. Via the forum (preferably, so we all can post a comment) or by e-mail (for now please use ) to voice your ideas and commitment.

The date for the next meeting is Friday the 10th of September. It will take place at one of the venues, which will be used for the monthly event.

Although no contribution was required or requested for the first meeting, all participants will be required to support the next one with a nominal amount of between £3.00 to £5.00 to cover the cost of the hall, coffee/tea and biscuits.

At the meeting we will be discussing further ways to increase the client base and we will be having demonstrations of a range of complimentary therapies such as: Wood Therapy (a new therapy from Venezuela), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Auricular Acupuncture and Non-Clinical Infection Control.

Until the next meeting, we can exchange ideas on our forum. Please ensure that you are registered to receive the comments posted on it.
Please go to to view our news or to register.

I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and to hear from you about the proposed promotions.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Area Coordinator
North Kent & South East London
Janna Land
Jul 19 2010 7:17PM
This looks great. What time will the meeting on 10th September be? thanks
Karen Ferguson
Jul 20 2010 10:39AM
Thank you Guiseppe for instigating the group.
We certainly covered a lot in our first meeting and I look forward to seeing everyone (and more?!) again on 10 September (presumably at the same time of 6.30pm?)
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 2 2010 5:43PM
Apologies, but I have only just received this.
The next meeting is on Friday the 27th og August at 19.30 at Hurst Road Communty Centre.
Most probably you have received the e-mail/letter by now.

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