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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Jul 21 2010 11:23PM

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Next Area Meeting and Venue for Promotions

Dear Members,

I have now contacted all the venues mentioned in the minutes for our last meeting.

Most of them are either not available (i.e. Blackheath Concert Hall - fully booked for 1 year; Fremantle Hall, Bexley - similar event already taking place therefore not possible due to their events policy) or too expensive (Thames Innovation Centre) or under refurbishment (Crayford Town Hall and many of the other town halls).

I was able to find a community hall in Hurst Road (Hurst Road Community Centre) which is situated half way between Sidcup and Bexley. The cost for hiring it on a regular base (one Friday every 4 weeks from 19.30 to 20.30) is £52.50. It can contain up to 150 people and it has a large car park.

Therefore, if the majority agrees, I would suggest that we hold the next meeting there. The date for which has to be changed to Friday 27th of August at 19.30 as I have not found another available place for the 10th of September. The first event could take place on the 24th of September. Giving the members time to advertise the event in local papers, web sites and leafleting.

At the meeting (if not before on this forum) we will be discussing, also, the opportunity of hiring a space at Bexleyheath Shopping Mall for one Saturday and Sunday (the cost is £80.00) during which some members will be able to show (and charge) various therapies and also distribute leaflets listing the names of the members taking part at the Bexleyheath event and inviting people to the Hurst Road Community Centre exhibition. The Bluewater event will require the commitment of many members (one hundred for the large area outside M&S – cost £3,000 or 50 for a much smaller area – 2mt by 1.5mt – at a cost of £1,750.00. Not good value for money) therefore, it is put on hold at present.

I hope that the cost per members for the events will be £3.00 for the meeting and £6.00 for the others, so to cover the cost of the leaflets. I will be contacting the News Shopper to try and advertise the event on the 24th of September and all the subsequent ones as a free article (fingers crossed).

It is important that members let me know by this Friday who will be coming to the meeting on the 27th of August, whom will take part at the event on the 24th of September and whom will be interested in the Bexleyheath Shopping centre event.

Preferably by replying to this page or by e-mailing me at (I do not know if already active or correct) or using the link at or e-mailing

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Area Coordinator North Kent & South East London
Janna Land
Jul 22 2010 10:32AM
Dear Giuseppe,
sounds great. I'm afraid I can't come to the 27th August. And I'm not really interested in the Bexleyheath/Sidcup venue. It's just too far away. I'm really sorry. Hopefully we can organise something similar nearer the centre of town, eg at Blackheath, which I would be interested in. Have you tried Church Halls? They might be available for cheaper prices and be able to do you a good deal for a regular event. (Just a thought). Best wishes, Janna
Vanessa Pickett
Jul 22 2010 10:44AM
Im hoping I will make the meeting but will be able to confirm nearer the time and I would be interested in the Bexleyheath shopping centre. I wouldnt be interested in Bluewater, its further away but the price is a bit ridiculous in my opinion and I think they already have shops there that do therapies and sometimes outside the shop too, well so Im lead to believe but I could be wrong on this
Vanessa Pickett
Jul 22 2010 10:48AM
Hi just realised that you say the first event could take place on 24th September, do you mean the Bexleyheath event as this date is a Friday and I thought thatwas to be Sat/Sun. Have I read it wrong?
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jul 22 2010 11:07AM
We will have 2 separate events.
The Bexleyhath shopping Centre will be on a Saturday and Sunday (dates to be agreed) and the
Hurst Road Community Centre which will be every 4th Friday (if we found that it works-something similar takes place in Bexley Village and is very successful)
The Latter will be on Friday the 24 of September and every 4th Friday after that.
Lesley Woollard
Jul 22 2010 11:22AM
Hi Giuseppe,

I'm afraid I will not be able to make the next meeting as I will be away. I'm also working on 24th September but would be interested in future Fridays. I am interested in the weekend at Bexleyheath and the meeting location will be fine for me if ever I get enough time off work to come along. Hope to see you soon. Lesley
Ariadna Aponte
Jul 22 2010 1:01PM

Excellent job! Count on me
Christine Ann Macklen
Jul 22 2010 1:22PM
Well done Giuseppe - you've been very busy on our behalf, so thank you.

Sorry to say though that I have a longstanding commitment on the 4th/last Fridays of every month, so unless I have a cancellation I won't be able to join you. Which is a pity because I think this is a very important development for us. I shall keep an eye on the dates you meet and will try to get to as many as I can.

Thanks for all you are doing.

Christine Macklen
Tania Waller
Jul 22 2010 4:02PM
Hi Guiseppe

I can come to Fri 27 Aug - date is in diary.

I cannnot come to Fri 24 Sept - family event.

I am interested in Bexleyheath event depending on date.

Please remember Hextable Heritage Centre as a venue - it is pleasant, reasonably priced at £8 per hour, has car parking and is 10-15 mins from A2, A20 & M25 (maybe a little longer on a Fri evening).

Kind regards
Judith Quin
Jul 22 2010 5:09PM
Can come on 27th - if nothing else to discuss this stuff properly, online is OK but annoying!

Not sure about the September event, but am possibly interested

Bluewater sounds like a rip-off - not sure we'd make back investment - but willing to discuss with others.

Thanks for all your hard work and looking forward to meeting you.

Yvonne Webb
Jul 22 2010 5:11PM

Hello Guissepe

Well you have been a busy boy. Well done.

I will be at the meeting on 27th August. Bexleyheath Shopping centre sounds good if the dates are free for us, we all seem so busy at this time.
I am afraid I will not be going to Bluewater under any terms. I will be staying in my local area, as I have found this works for me personally.

Many thanks for your continued efforts.

Yvonne Webb
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jul 22 2010 5:38PM
I agree that Bluewater is too expensive and, most probably, would be more efficient (and cost effective) to have separate events at different venues close to areas where members operate.
The one in Bexleyheath will be a tasting ground to see how effective promotions in shopping centre are.
They appear to work for martial arts but I do not know if will be as effective for complimentary therapies.
We can try and learn from it.
The same applies to the monthly event. At Freemantle Hall Bexley they hold a regularN successful, event involving beauty and massage treatments.
Yes, it is frustating not to be able to convers directly but the forum allows all member to participate to discussions at any time and from anywherem
Therefore, it is a very convenient tool to use untill the meeting and for those who cannot attend it.
Sharon Jullings
Jul 22 2010 6:00PM
At the moment, i can attend on 27th august.

for event what about roberts hall in bexleyheath, behind the big church on the broadway. just a thought
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jul 22 2010 7:35PM
I will visit the hall tomorrow as I have to book and pay the Hurst Road Community Centre by tomorrow.
I will also try and visit the hall in Hextable Heritage Centre.
Ana-Maria Moraru
Jul 23 2010 2:03PM
Hi Giuseppe,

See yu on Friday 27th of August.
If everything is alright with my pregnancy, I`ll try to come on 24th of September as well.

Kind regards,
Rhonda Bailey
Jul 25 2010 2:17PM
Hi Guiseppe

I am unable to attend the meeting on 27th August but can attend the event on 24th September, so count me in.
I am also interested in the event at Bexleyheath but I'm unavailable the third Saturday of each month.

Karen Ferguson
Aug 3 2010 4:51PM
Hi Giuseppe

I'm very sorry for the delay in replying but I'm just back from working at a music festival!
Thank you for all the hard work you're putting into getting this group off the ground.

I'm pleased to say that I WILL be able to join you on 27 August but unfortunately NOT on 24 September.

And depending on the date, I WOULD like to be involved in the Bexleyheath Shopping Centre event.

Lesley Woollard
Aug 3 2010 8:29PM
Hi Giuseppe, I will be away on 27th August and working on 24th Sept. but please keep me informed because I am very intersted and hope to get to a meeting soon. Regards, Lesley

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