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Posted Jul 25 2010 10:30AM

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I am a member of Embody and CThA and a working Therapist. Can't find on the site any information about CPD points and how/where to get them, how many are needed etc. I am worried I may not have fulfilled my quota this year as have just been working and haven't attended any courses etc

Please advise!


Sylvia Walters
Claudia McIlroy
Jul 25 2010 10:50AM
Hi Sylvia,

I'm the local group co-ordinator for North-East Northern Ireland and just updating mine...please go to your member page. On the top you find 'CPD form' which opens another page where you can enter all you've done and submit directly or click on the link at the bottom to print the CPD form. ther you will find the explanations about how many CPD points you get for each activity. Please let me know if you need any more help :-)
Christine Beadle
Jul 31 2010 8:00PM
Hi Can anyone advise on the *requirement* on CPD?

I am about to do regular voluntary massage therapy having qualified 2 years ago. I have done some one-off voluntary massage and occasionally for friends.

Any advice welcome!

Claudia McIlroy
Aug 1 2010 8:07AM
Hi Sylvia, I've inserted the list of activities and how many CPD points you will get for them. You've written that you've done your qualifications 2years ago so they would not count for CPD's in 2010.I'd like to help you more. Could you please email me which activities you've done this year (

CPD points recognise your level of professional development in the year. Therefore activities and qualifications from previous years cannot be included.
How many CPD points do you get?
Studying on a course leading to a qualification, including a teaching diploma. Up to 30 hours of study - 20 Points / Over 30 hours of study - 30 points

Attending a recognised CThA course. These will vary - as advertised

Studying on a course not directly related to a treatment, e.g.self help, business, IT etc. Up to 10 hours - 5 points / 10 to 20 hours - 10 points / Over 20 hours - 20 points

Attending a seminar, lecture, conference or workshop. Half day - 2 points / 1 day - 5 points
Presenting at a seminar, lecture, conference or workshop.Per hour, up to 5 hours(Max in year 10 credits)- 1 point

Managing research into therapy, treatment or methodology. If you are just reporting treatments for a research project this should be rated 50%. Per day (or full time equivalent)Maximum of 30 points per year - 5 points

Private research, study or authoring. includes work to prepare, presentations, lectures or courses that are not part of your usual work. Per hour (or full time equivalent)Maximum of 1 0 points per year - 1 point
Private reading.Professional journals, magazines, textbooks,research reports etc. - Per hour. Maximum of 5 points per year - 1 point

Attending a CThA regional meeting or attending a short meeting of other professional associations - Per meeting 2 points
Christine Beadle
Aug 1 2010 11:54PM
Cladia thank you for your detailed post - this is very useful. How many CPD points should a therapist be aiming to earn in a year?

Kind regards
Christine Beadle
Aug 1 2010 11:55PM
Sorry....meant to type *Claudia*
Claudia McIlroy
Aug 2 2010 5:56AM
Hi CHristine,
CThA suggests as a guide if you have achieved:
Less than 10points - it is recommended to increase your CPD's
10 - 30 points - that you are aware of major developments
30 - 45 points - that you will be developing new skills and updating your existing knowledge
45 + points - that you will be fully up to date and developing an expert level of knowledge and skills

If you don't know what to read for private research, articles, etc. have a look at
Each month they put an article and questions together which will count for 1 CPD point for each hour of study.(Max. 10 points per year, private research / studying).
Local CThA group meetings gain 2 CPD points per meeting and private reding can get you up to 5 points per year. You can get at least up to 20 points even if you don't do any additional courses / workshops.

Hope, this helps.
Kind regards, Claudia
Christine Beadle
Aug 3 2010 11:41PM

Thank you for this information.

Kind regards
Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
Aug 4 2010 1:18PM
Members are encouraged to get CPD points but it is no longer obligatory. It hasn`t been for 2 years.
Naturally it makes sense to keep updated and continue with your learning ... but it is not a requirement for CThAssoc. membership!
Claudia McIlroy
Aug 4 2010 3:33PM
Hi Caroline,

thank you, yes, it is voluntary and all above is a guide line :-)
Kind regards, Claudia
Christine Beadle
Aug 4 2010 10:40PM
Thanks Caroline
Amanda Clegg
Aug 31 2010 10:13PM
I do think that if we are to be recognised as professionals it is essential to maintain CPD in a trackable or auditable format - I can't understand why the CThA dropped it as a condition. I realise that the current economic climate makes it harder for some to afford (like me!) at least some effort should be made, even if it is researching case studies etc.

I try to get one some day-schools each year, and keep things like First Aid and Manual Handing (I sometimes work wiht people who need hoisting) up to date, as well as maintaining a folder of articles, case study info etc.

Good luck.
Angela Rawlins
Sep 16 2010 1:35PM

I am a group co ordinator and strongly recommend that you attend the meetings - this gives you 2 to 3 CPD points per meeting.

There are lots of other benefits as well and you might be offered workshops that accrue CPD. Your group co ordinator should be able to help you with the CPD question amongst others - if not, they can ask on your behalf.
Fazlin Blakemore
Sep 20 2017 10:21PM
Hi, I would like more information about cpd events in South East Kent and find out when there are meetings , I can't seem to find anything ?

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