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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Aug 2 2010 5:36PM

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Self Defence Classes

Dear Members,
Some members have asked if I could hold some self-defence classes, specifically for therapists, to which I have agreed.
I have been running, for many years, several one to one and group self-defence classes for the public and for karate instructors and students.
The cost for these classes is normally £40.00 per hour per person (one to one) and £20.00 per hour per person for groups of 10 or more. However, for the CThA members and their friends, I will be able to charge £10.00 per person per hour for group of 10 people or more.
Please let me know if you are interested as I will have to arrange a suitable venue.
At this event, you do not require any particular attire but it is recommended that it is not your best frock and you wear shorts or trousers (tracksuit) with a t-shirt.
Weapons (plastic ones - unless you want to use real ones) will be provided.
It is suitable to any age and any fitness as if you are using strength you are not doing the technique correctly.
My mobile is 07726879506
My e-mail is
Best regards,
Giuseppe Tomaselli
North Kent & South East London Coordinator
Tania Waller
Aug 3 2010 11:01AM
Yes please Guiseppe - count me in.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 3 2010 2:27PM
Dear Tania,
Thank you for your reply.
Sofar, I have had 2 people showing interest to the course. Please fill free to mention it to other people who may be interested.
As soon as I reach 10 in all, I will be able to find a venue and we can then agree a suitable time/date.
Lesley Woollard
Aug 3 2010 8:25PM
Hi Giuseppe, I would be interested in this but am suffering from vertigo at present so probably not a good idea yet.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 3 2010 9:39PM
Dear Lesley, I had vertigos some time ago due to an inner ear infection. It lasted about 2 weeks and it was not pleasent.
Most probably, we will start the courses in September but I will keep you posted.
Maxine Walters
Aug 4 2010 3:44AM
Hi Giuseppe I am most interested in your joining your class. Please keep me posted with the details
of the venue etc. Many Thanks. Maxine.
Vanessa Pickett
Aug 5 2010 3:11PM
Hi there, I would be interested. I have a few friends who are therapists but not sure they are with CThA can I still mention it to them?
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 5 2010 3:22PM
Dear Vanessa, ofcourse you can mention it to other therapists. Also, you never know, they may decide to join the CThA if they can see how much more they could benefict from it.
Best regards, Giuseppe
Ashling Cullen
Sep 22 2010 1:17AM
Hi Giuseppe, I am interested in this.

Tania Waller
Sep 22 2010 7:56AM
Hi Guiseppe

Can you tell us how many sessions there are to the course please?

Kind regards
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 22 2010 8:28AM
The self defence classes will be set in such a way that you can attend as many as you want.

You will learn first of all how to avoid getting into dangerous situation. Not just as a therapist, but when walking, driving or using public transport.

You will than be provided with the skills to deal with many different situation when the confrontation is inevitable.

Either if the attacker is using a weapon or not. I will provide rubber knives and guns for this.

To learn to defend yourself effectevely, all thecniques must be performed instintively and without power. This requirers repetition of the technique until it comes natural.

The duration of the course will therefore be as long as you require.

It will be starting in October, at the moment I have been to busy with the Try a Therapy evening, and it will last as long as people are interested to practise and can be used also as a keep fit class if required.

I have to find a suitable venue close to all those interested. The cost is £10.00 for 2 houres or less if therapists are unable to pay, as long as I cover the cost of the hall.

Please, let me know who is interested in taking part and preferred day of the week (not Tuesday evening, Saturday morning or Sunday morning as I am already teaching karate) so that we can start soon.
Best regards,
It is posted from my BlackBerry and some of the words have dissapeared so I hope it will make sense
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 22 2010 8:32AM
The cost is £10.00 per hour for 2 hours
Sorry but I could read it only after I posted the notice.

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 25 2010 10:55PM
I would like to hold the self defence class on Friday the 15th of October from 19.30 to 22.30ish. Possibly at Hurst Community Centre.

Please let me know who can attend, and if you are bringing some friends, as soon as possible as I will have to hire the room by Tuesday next week.

Thank you and best regards,

Tania Waller
Sep 26 2010 9:30AM
Hi Guiseppe

I am on holiday that day and then I have family visiting from abroad. I won't be available until after 5th November. I may have one other person interested. I cannot do Monday or Tuesday evening.

Carry on with course if you have enough numbers.

Hope this helps with your planning.

Kind regards
Vanessa Pickett
Sep 27 2010 10:36AM
Sorry Giuseppe
Unable to attend that evening or thorough the month of October now.
Hope it all goes well
Ashling Cullen
Sep 28 2010 9:46AM
Hi Giuseppe,

I can do Friday 15th October.

Kind regards


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