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Posted by Nancy Tobitt-Yates, Nov 10 2005 3:26PM

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Reflexology queries

I was taught that the dorsal aspect of the toes related to the teeth. I have subsequently been looking in various text books and cannot back up this information. Does anyone have any ideas on this and indeed, could they confirm this information to be true. Thanks
Lorraine Wright
Nov 11 2005 7:25PM
When I did my diploma in reflexology I was taught that the first three toes on the dorsal and the back of the toes on the plantar where. the teeth. if you can get a hold of a book reflexology the theory and practice by Ann Gillanders you will find a foot chart that backs this up.
hope this helps.

lorraine wright.
Dora Jackson
Dec 2 2005 12:00AM
unfortunately, I've found very little consistency throughout the world with regard to reflexology. Every course/country/continent has a few discrepancies from the next. My course in Canada had the teeth on the plantar aspect of all 5 toes between the neck ridge and the sinus.
Nancy Tobitt-Yates
Dec 4 2005 5:29PM
Thanks all for your reply's, I too have found that there are discrepancies between diffent schools of thought regarding the reflex area's for certain parts of the body. Good to remember that it is an holistic treatment, luckily covering all aspects of the feet or hands!!!

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