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Posted Aug 22 2010 10:16AM

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Calculating percentage of essential oil

How do I calculate the percentage of essential oil for blending e.g. what is 1% of essential oil in 10 ml of carrier oil; what is 1.5%, 2% and so on?
Neville Dalton
Sep 10 2010 5:22PM
I can help you with the maths, but you will probably need a professional aromatherapist to advise you on how you measure such small quantities.

1% of essential oil in 10ml of carrier oil is one-hundredth of the carrier-oil amount - ie 0.1ml. So the total amount of combined oils would be 10.1ml.

2% would obviously be 0.2ml and 1.5% would be 0.15ml.

Our aromatherapy friends will no doubt be able to advise on how you measure these - a graded pipette, perhaps? Or they may advise you on another way altogether...

Best wishes,
Clodagh Power
Oct 14 2010 3:48PM
Hi there,

It's very simple. 5ml (teaspoon) is equal to 100 drops. A 1% dilution is equal to 1 drop of essential oil per 5ml.

So a 1% dilution for 10ml of carrier oil is 2 drops of essential oil. Most essential oil bottles contain a pipette that delivers the essence one drop at a time so use this for measuring. If you havn't already got one get yourself a glass measuring jug and glass wand for mixing & doing patch tests. (Patch tests should be done 48 hours before treatment)

The general rules for aromatherapy treatments are:
No more than 8 drops per treatment. (You can increase the amount of carrier oil for a larger frame.)
No more than 3 different essential oils per treatment. If you're using 3 for the body, use one drop of one of these in 5ml of carrier oil for the face. So that would work out at 7 drops for the body and 1 for the face.

It's worth saying that if you're not qualified or training you really shouldn't be using essential oils, they are very powerful and many are contraindicated for certain skin types & conditions. They don't just smell nice, they are natural chemicals which cause chemical changes in the body. Some must be used in low concentrations, e.g. Juniper berry cannot be used for anyone who has had kidney problems and continued use of it can cause problems in healthy people.

I hope this is helpful.
Clodagh Power
Oct 14 2010 3:51PM
1% in 10ml = 2 drops essence
1.5% in 10ml = 3 drops
2% in 10ml = 4 drops

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