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Posted by Karly Jenkins, Aug 26 2010 7:18PM

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buying a couch from ebay

Hi everyone

i posted on here before about buying a couch for reflexology. you were all really here i am again!
ive been looking at buying my couch from ebay, has anyone else done this, is it a good idea?
i'm worried about buying something and it turning out to be rubbish. my max budget is about £200.

also as ive just passed my exams any tips on starting up as a mobile therapist?

Sue Hannaford
Aug 27 2010 10:23AM
Hi there. I think there are some other threads that will help you on this. Bascially you will find private sellers and they will be fine (though usually need to be near you so you can collect) and companies using ebay as a store front. You will be fine if you know what you need in a couch and that the couch you are buying fulfils this. Good luck!
Jane Hopwood
Aug 27 2010 7:07PM
I have bought two couches from ebay and they have both been very good. I bought from a powerseller. Good luck
Paul Collins
Aug 28 2010 6:27PM
hi karly
e-bay is a good place to buy from as I baought in the past just be careful of the type of bed your buying dont go for a bed with a seperate face piece as client lean on them to get up and clients may get hurt if this brakes go for the bed with the face hole built in I am also a mobile therapist and have been for 7 years make sure you filter your travel costs into your treatment and as a female therapist you need to take extra precautions when booking with male clients letting them know exactly what you are offering as a holistic therapist best of luck paul
Alexandra Gibson
Aug 28 2010 6:45PM
Hi Karly,

I bought both my massage bed and Indian Head massage chair from ebay,both brand new, couch cost £30 from Germany and Chair cost £65 from England. Good quality too. I am also trying to go mobile and reading your replies as been good for me too.

Good luck for your future prospects.

Alex Gibson
Mai Brain
Sep 1 2010 8:39AM
I looked on the internet for reflexology chairs and they sell Lafuma chairs which are garden chairs so I bought one from the garden centre at the end of the season for £100 last year it is very comfortable and in the reclining position seems to be at the right height for reflexology. They seem light to carry around as well. I think you can buy covers but you can use towels and bed roll. Look in the garden centres and think about your working height when it is set up. I thought the only problem was the cleaning of it, but if you get covers or make some covers I would think there would no problem.

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