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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Aug 28 2010 6:56PM

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Minutes Meeting 27th August 2010

Dear Members,

I would like to thank all the members who attended the meeting yesterday at the Hurst Community Centre. I was very impressed by the number of people who showed an interest in our group and with the offers of help for future events.

In particular, I am most grateful to Barry Leaf, Ariadna Aponte and Christine Macklen for their fantastic presentations, which were both interesting and very well presented.

Barry talked about Non-Clinical Infection Control. Following the information he conveyed on this subject, I am convinced we should be spending more time on it during the various courses or learn about it as a separate one. We even learned how to wash our hands correctly.

Ariadna demonstrated a new technique (for the UK) called Wood Therapy.
As I was the fortunate person used to demonstrate this, I can personally testify that it offers very pleasant skin and muscles sensations and, as only one side of my stomach, lower back and side was done, there was very visible a ‘before and after’ effect.
A member even took a photo to show me the remarkable reduction in size of my waistline after only about 15 minutes of treatment.

Christine involved us in a session of Emotional Freedom Technique, which was great fun and, I am sure, helped some members to overcome some of their worries and emotional problems. It was unfortunate that we had so little time as it would have been of great help to some of us.

We also discussed the next event which we decided to call Try a Therapy instead of Pamper Evening so to attract men as well as women. Some of the members will be able to help with the manning of the door so to direct the clients to the most appropriate therapy and others will help with the distribution of the leaflets.
Already, 17 members have booked (and paid for) a place for the evening. This leaves only another 3 places available.

Copies of the leaflets will be posted with these minutes for those members interested in trying different therapies and those who have offered to make copies for their customers.

We ended by discussing the self-defence class for therapists, which will start in September. Please ring me on 0772 687 9506 to book a place or for more information.


Giuseppe Tomaselli
Area Co-ordinator
North Kent and South East London
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 28 2010 8:53PM
Only 2 places are now available
Vanessa Pickett
Aug 29 2010 1:06PM
Thanks for an interesting meeting which I enjoyed, I have my place booked on the 24th so will look forward to taking part, hopefully the night will a success for all! Thanks also for all your time and effort
Christine Ann Macklen
Aug 29 2010 2:09PM
It was a great meeting - and I certainly enjoyed playing my part. I'm sorry I can't be at the Try A Treatment evening but wish you all well. I do hope the lady who suggested our EFT tapping topic (Even though I've done all the training and I'm really great at massage and I want to start earning some money from it and don't know why I haven't been able to start my practice ... I'm OK!) will be there - I'm sorry I didn't get your name - I think the event will be a great way for you to start building your practice! Do let me know if you'd like some help.

Wishing you all the very best for the September event.

Chris Macklen
07930 667820
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Aug 29 2010 2:57PM
Dear Christine,

You will be pleased to know that the lady in question has booked a place at the Try A Therapy on the 24th of September and she is also converting one of her rooms at home to use for treating clients.

I am sure that she will be very successful; she needed a little boost to her confidence, which these meetings, and your therapy, have given her.

I hope that other therapists are finding the meetings useful and that the group participation will continue to grow. As mentioned at the meeting, this is our group and it will be as effecting, exiting and rewarding as we make it.
Christine Ann Macklen
Aug 29 2010 3:01PM
Wonderful news!


Andrea Little
Aug 29 2010 10:16PM
It was a very interesting meeting thank you, most enjoyable, I am looking forward to being part of Try a Therapy evening and being part of this group. I did mention that evening tha I would be happy to help promote the evening, lets make it a success..

Thank you again Andrea
Christine Farley
Aug 30 2010 2:55PM
Dear Giuseppe
Thank you very much for organising the meetings and getting the group start.
I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and all the presentations.
I am looking forward to the 'try a therapy' evening.

very best wishes and thank you so much for all your hard work.
Karen Ferguson
Sep 5 2010 7:12PM
Yes, thank you Giuseppi for all your hard work in getting this group established.
Depending on my flight arrival time back from holiday on 24 Sept, I hope to pop in at some point during the evening. However, if I don't manage to get there, I really hope the evening's a great success for everyone and look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

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