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Posted Aug 30 2010 3:33PM

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help our 4 year old son is out of control

we have a very narcissistic boy who will only operate with anyone on his own terms and if he does not want to do something he absolutely refuses to budge. He is also starting to lose friends and becoming socially excluded ( and by association us too but less so ) we have tried homeopathy which helped 'unblock' also reiki, and now are in the middle of a programme of emotion code a new version of EFT. could someone advise us on what we can be doing with him? many thanks
Amanda Clegg
Aug 31 2010 10:06PM
Gosh, that's a hard one to comment upon without knowing things like what sort of 'house-rules' and boundaries you set, sibling behaviour, and how you reinforce the notion of unacceptable behaviour.
Dawn Spragg
Sep 12 2010 7:07PM
Have you spoken to your GP and your Childs school to recommend a child therapist or for assessment for any difficulties such as ADD , he may also be a highly gifted and talented child who is just board but you will not know until you have proper assessment and advice.

I know it seems frightening but in these cases early diagnosis is a must and can be vital future assistance and a stable family and child. Ask for support and don’t take no for an answer.
Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
Sep 16 2010 2:08PM
Hi I`d be interested to hear from you how things are going currently ...
Is your son someone who is able to hold a conversation ?

Lorraine Murray
Feb 2 2011 7:10PM
i teach children meditation (and teach adults how to teach this) drop me an email if you want some advice. - Lorraine

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