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Posted Sep 2 2010 6:56PM

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Indian Head Massage


I am studying Indian Head Massage. One of my case studies has psoriasis, but it is not inflamed (in fact wasn't apparent at all). I checked one of my course books 'Understanding Indian Head Massage' by Kush Kumar, which said that it could be treated lightly.

My 'client' discovered she was pregnant, two treatments in. We stopped the massages immediately. She has had a few problems with the pregnancy - foetus came away from the wall of the uterus. Could this have been caused by the massages (it happened a few weeks later).
Dawn Spragg
Sep 12 2010 7:00PM
Your Psoriasis case that should be fine in fact it may even help as relaxation can assist to boost immune system and calm flair up.

Secondly you where you aware that you client was pregnant? , NO, You are fully aware that you should not massage in the first trimester but she didn’t know she was pregnant so what could you or she have done, neither of you are Psychic are you? . It happens to the best of us. Your treatment will have not contributed to her problems so please do not dwell on it.
Make sure you include this in your case studies as it will show your knowledge of the pre-natal Pregnancy rules and your contra actions. Well done.
Have you discussed this with your tutor, what has he/ she said? If not why not, that is what she/he is there for to assist and support you with these problems use him/ her this is what they are paid for as your support and mentor.

The best thing you can now do for your client is to be there to support her through the next two trimesters until her bouncing healthy baby is born. Also make sure she is fully aware that she is also not responsible for the problems as she may also feel guilt in some way. Encorage her to eat well and sensibly drink plenty of water and milk cut out all alcohol and absolutely no cigarettes or non prescribed drugs of any kind, keep taking her folic acid rest and enjoy the greatest experience a woman can have, the problems are just one of natures little glitches and all will be well.
God bless and keep on with your studied in the same conscientious manner and you will be heading towards a distinction.

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