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Posted by John Sams, Sep 8 2010 12:04PM

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Massage and A&P training materials

I wondered if you would be interested in my efforts to provide free support materials for tutors and their students undergoing A&P and massage training.

Having completed massage training myself at an ITEC centre and having friends who are tutors I was surprised at the efforts students had to make to find resources in one place.

The website is in its very early stages at the moment and is limited to A&P but with plans to include massage content soon. I wondered if you would be kind enough to have a look at the materials uploaded so far and let me know if you would find it useful for yourself or for your students as you deliver your massage courses.

Any comments would be most welcome (positive or negative)

Massage Centric Project
Christine Ann Macklen
Sep 8 2010 8:55PM
Looks excellent - a great resource and will also be useful for helping experienced massage therapists to refresh their memories! Well done.

Dawn Spragg
Sep 9 2010 10:15AM
As a very proactive and enthusiastic ITEC tutor I am all for new ideas. The site is interesting but may I make some comments I hope you may find useful:
ITEC have a brilliant book with the Massage CD resource which covers most aspects of the course what will your site bring over and above this.
To assist independent research is part of the course, my students are encouraged use books , the internet, work as team and in study groups, to do this research thus giving them the experience and training to be able to do valid research in there future career . If all the resources are on one site what encourages this?
I do love the idea to the Guinea Pig swap that is great, on the down side the security aspect of this , will members of the public just sign up for this or will this be by referral from student to student. You must also make sure that it is made very plain that this is a Guinea Pig swap and that no remuneration is to be taken from potential clients (Guinea pigs)
How will you ensure that any information submitted to the web site is valid and correct will you be having an ITEC tutor or a member of ITEC vetting in any way?
The massage Glossary is fully explained in the ITEC Book so I’m not sure if this is required but may be of use?
Putting my business head on. How are you to maintain this web site this will take hours of unpaid work which you have obviously considered. Will you have advertisers to pay for this and if so how will these be vetted.
All things for consideration I hope this feed back you do nto find negative its just for your consideration.
I will follow with interest.
John Sams
Sep 9 2010 1:41PM
Thanks very much for your time looking at and for all your useful comments and ideas. I will chew them over carefully.

I take on board all your comments about security and nothing will get on this site without admin vetting it closely to maintain a good standard

I am aware that other providers have a glossary but in our case it is an integral part of the way in which questions are posed in the Q-A Coop page. These questions provide users with A&P questions simlar (but not the same) as typical exam questions.

From my experience in education, understanding content and how questions are put together and what the examiner is looking for is vital to success. A trial question you get wrong is only any use if you understand why it is wrong and you are also guided to the correct answer. It is also generally the case that casually looking at a bank of test questions is good for summative assessment but does not help much in the process of learning.

In Massage-centric the aim is to provide students with a growing number of questions with automatic and detailed links to the glossary.

My intention is that in formulating questions (in the style of the exam board) that students will learn the content and gain in understanding

If you have time please register and have a look at the questions and let me know what you think

Thanks again


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