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Posted by Rosemary Johnson, Nov 30 2005 11:37PM

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horse riders or owners?

Is there anyone here who works with people who ride (and/or look after) horses?
Or are you one yourself?
Anyone know of any courses/seminars/groups about massage for horse riders?

Would love to hear from you; am keen horse rider myself, and planning (I'm fairly new in this business) to advertise round stable yards.
I'd also lov to make contact with anyone who treats the horses too - hoping to head that direction, but that's in the future now.
Michelle Mortimer
Jan 7 2006 8:41AM
Owning 4 horses, I tend to use a lot of alternative therapies for them, mainly reiki.... however there is a course in Massage, and if I can find the telephone number for the lady who does this I am sure she will be able to advise of her training and governing body etc....
Penelope Allsop
Jan 19 2006 3:35PM
There are four main equine shitsu colleges you can find out more about these at having looked into it, all courses seem to run from Sept, and I had just missed out for last year the course I believe is 2 years, first year humans, second year horses. Looks very interesting.

Hope that helps.
Penny Mallett
Sep 5 2006 11:50AM
any of youthought o fthe equine touch, or equine bowen? thats very effective, and not so harsh onthetherapists body as animal massage!
Jemma Chloe Challoner Marsh
Nov 1 2007 7:58PM
I qualified with a post graduate certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Horses are the bulk of my work and many problems that the horses have can be caused by inbalanced/asymmetric riders and vice versa. Horse Riders nearly always have myofascial pain of some description as looking after a horse involves a lot of carrying lifting - water, wet haynets, rugs etc I am looking to treat more riders alongside my Horse work - Brilliant combination !!
Jemma C Green

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