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Posted by Gillian Kenyon, Sep 20 2010 3:07PM

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Do National Occupational Standards reflect our work

Between January and February 2009 revised Complementary and Natural Healthcare National Occupational Standards were released for Field testing by Skills for Health

The process for field testing the revised Complementary and Natural Healthcare National Occupational Standards (CHNOS) included draft National Occupational Standards are as follows :
Generic content
1 Explore and establish clients’ needs for complementary and natural healthcare
2 Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare with clients
3 Provide complementary and natural healthcare to clients
Discipline specific content
4 Alexander Technique
5 Aromatherapy
6 Bowen Technique
7 Cranial Therapy
8 Homeopathy
9 Massage
10 Naturopathy
11 Nutritional Therapy
12 Reflexology
13 Reiki
14 Shiatsu
15 Yoga Therapy

It is important to note that there were other Skills for Health National Occupational Standards that are relevant to Complementary and Natural Healthcare that were not included in the above list because they were not included in the field test process.

All field test sites were provided with the following information:
• Instructions (this paper)
• The full suite of draft generic National Occupational Standards
• The discipline specific content that is relevant to them
• Guidance and templates to support various uses of the National Occupational Standards
• The field test questionnaire

Was anyone involved, or does anyone know of anyone who was involved as a field test site. Did they work with and test the National Occupational Standards.

I know that each field test site was asked to
• appoint a lead practitioner who will liaise with Skills for Health (if there is only one person involved then this person can take the lead)
• identify, with the support of Skills for Health, one or more human resource development (HRD) purposes for which they would like to use the standards (for example, training design or Continuing Professional Development)
• test out the standards for the agreed purpose(s)
• provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement of the standards
• provide information to help Skills for Health prepare a short case study of the field testing experience.

If you have been involved, or know of anyone who was involved in the field testing process, either back in 2009 or since then, could you let me know what your comments were.

Many thanks

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