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Posted by Jane Narewska, Sep 22 2010 6:59PM

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Client with Achalasia - how can I best help?

Hi - I have a 49yr old male client who is recently diagnosed with achalasia (although has been showing symptoms on and off for several years). They are also Type I diabetic (since teenager)and is taking medication for inactive thyroid.

I am a reflexologist and massage therapist and am trying to devise a good short/long-term treatment plan.

Any ideas of best reflexes to work etc? Am thinking obvious ones like oesophagus - and all immune system related/parathyroid/thyroid etc. ... but is there anyone here who has dealt with same condition? Would be much appreciated.

Jane Narewska
Nov 28 2010 9:08PM
Hi - can anyone help me with my original question please? If you need more information/detail to do so, please let me know.
Many thanks

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