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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Sep 25 2010 10:50PM

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Try A Therapy

Dear Members,

Last evening we had the first Try A Therapy event for our area.

I am sure all participants will agree that, overall, it went very well.

We had 19 therapists taking part showcasing a variety of treatments and 54 clients trying 3 therapies or more each.

I would like to thank all those therapists whom, although did not make any money from the event and did not obtain any new clients, gave up their evening and had the hardest work having to deal with the clients at the door (and a very long queue) and running around making sure that all the therapists were kept busy.

I have now compiled a list of the clients who attended and, as some of them have already asked about it, I will be contacting them with the date for the next event which will be decided shortly. This list will be e-mailed to the therapists who attended the event.

I have spoken to my friends and clients who enjoyed the treatments yesterday and had only positive comments.

I also spoke to 2 therapists last night who intend to join the CThA as a consequence of this event, this shows we are doing something other associations are not.

However, we will be making some changes to the next event. For one we will also have another room adjacent to the main hall were clients can wait for their turn and enjoy some refreshment.

Therapists will have large cards with the therapies they intend to show and their name. And they will be responsible for their own appointment sheet were clients will write name and contact details.

We will still need people ‘encouraging’ clients to try the more unusual therapies and to make sure the event will run smoothly.

I would welcome any feed back from the therapists who took part at the event although I will contact them by e-mail.

I will now be looking for suitable premises in South East London so that we can hold a similar event there.

Thank you again to all participants who worked very hard to make this event a success.

Best regards,


Area Coordinator
North Kent & South East London

Ariadna Aponte
Sep 25 2010 11:21PM
Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you very much for all hard work that you put to this event. Please pass my regards to everyone involve including your wife and family.

I think last night went amazingly well, very good feedback from clients and therapist. I agree that we need to learn from this experience so next timw will be just perfect.

Looking forward to meet you all again

Kind regards

Christine Farley
Sep 26 2010 9:38AM
Thank you for all your hard work organising this event.
The workers on the door had a tough time of it and they coped magnificently. Well done.

All my clients were saying they will be back to the next one, and they couldn't wait to try all the therapies again.

An excellent evening.
Yvonne Webb
Sep 26 2010 10:45AM

Hello G

Thanks for all your efforts and that of all the door helpers, who were great. One of those was my husband Dave, who slept in on Saturday as he was exhausted after Friday's event. He did manage to keep the queue amused and not go home again.

I met some great people and they were very interested in what we do, that was our goal and we achieved it.

The changes you propose are a very good idea. We learn as we go along.

Thanks again.

Yvonne Webb
Axelle Bonaparte
Sep 26 2010 12:56PM
Hi Giuseppe,

I've been following your initiatives for a while and I wish I was in your area.
You are a real example of efficiency.
You are hands on, creating real opportunities instead of those boring never ending
meetings full of the usual blabla.
Well done you.

Kindest regards,
Axelle Bonaparte
Sharon Jullings
Sep 26 2010 3:35PM
it was really well organised - well done. i enjoyed it and was good to see other therapists too.

looking forward to the next one.
Rhonda Bailey
Sep 26 2010 4:00PM
Hi Giuseppe,

I too thought the evening was a great success and want to thank you for taking the initiative and making it happen. Thanks also to ALL the other people who helped both before before the event and on the night doing an excellent job of keeping all the therapists busy and the waiting clients happy. I've already been contacted and booked some follow-up appointments.

When's the next one?

Judith Quin
Sep 27 2010 9:38AM
I was hoping to come to add my support, but ended up working in Islington until 6:30 that day and logistics just didn't happen.

Really glad to hear it was a success and would love to be kept informed of the next event (especially if it is SE London) and to add my congratulations on a great event.

Well done and thanks for all your hard work

Vanessa Pickett
Sep 27 2010 10:44AM
I agree it was a positive expereince for both therapists and the public. Obviously teething problems as the first event but thanks to the 'door' staff who deserve an awful lot of credit the night went well. The changes you suggest are echoing what therapists and also the public were saying on the night, so I look forward to the next one as it can only get better. All in all a good experience which I am pleased I was able to be part of. Thanks
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 27 2010 11:21AM
Dear Members,
Thank you for the very kind words. All I am doing is listening to what is needed by the therapists in this area and organise it. Although it does require quite a lot of spare time, it can be done by anybody. As I have said many times, are the members that make the group, I only coordinate. I am very fortunate that many therapists are willing to give their commitment to the success of all concerned. After all, we belong to an Association which gives us the opportunity of working as a group. As such, we can achieve much more and we can do things that would be impossible as individuals.

What would the member think of organising another Try a Therapy either for the end of October or the beginning of November? A Friday again or a Thursday would be better?

At this event, I would suggest that therapists should have gifts voucher (professionally designed with envelopes) to sell to clients as Christmas presents for their family and friends.

I would use the same venue for the North Kent event but, as we will have to hire two rooms, the cost per therapist will go up between £7.00 and £10.00 (depending on number of therapists). The refreshment table will be in the waiting room and will have home made cakes and drinks and there will not be a reception table as clients will be going into the treatment room from the waiting area. This will give more space but, I would like to maintain the number of therapists to no more than 20, if you all agree.

I am also enquiring about the cost of hiring some screens. Did any of your clients made any comments about privacy? Many did not seem to care and appeared to be quite happy of getting undressed.

Please let me have your name and preferred date as soon as possible. It will be first come first listed and bookings will be confirmed by sending a cheque to me (when I have the costing sorted out).

I am also looking for a venue in the Blackheath area to book for the same period. So far, too expensive or not available or both.

Looking forward to your ideas.

Best regards,


Area Coordinator
North Kent and South East London
Vanessa Pickett
Sep 27 2010 12:39PM
I would be up for doing another one, most those I treated asked when the next event was so please put my name on the list. Thanks again
Marco Prati
Sep 27 2010 4:49PM
Hi Giuseppe I couldn't attend the previous meetings but I would be inyterested in knowing more
when and where is your next meetup?

Sharon Jullings
Sep 27 2010 5:06PM
Hi would love to be able to take part in the next event, although auricular and body acupuncture wasn't that popular, my reflexology was. How about roberts hall in bexleyheath, attached to the big church in the high street? looking forward to hearing of the next date and happy to hand out leaflets in bexleyheath - as long as i have company.
Sharon Jullings
Sep 27 2010 5:07PM
also meant to say, and i'm sure it's been mentioned. how about having a facebook group and then creating an event, so all those on CTHA members on facebook can invite their friends?
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 27 2010 7:28PM
My wife had mentioned the hall in Bexleyheath.I need to check the parking arrangments. I would have liked to try the auricular acupunture. In any case it is one more therapy to have at our events to offer to clients.

I am trying to plan an area meeting for the middle of October. Probably a Thursday. I have found a venue in Welling which will charge according to our generosity.

I still have not found a reasonably priced hall in South East London. Please help with suggestions. About £55.00 for 3 hours should hopefully cover the costs
Dirlene Mason
Sep 28 2010 6:28PM
Hi Giuseppe,
I also would like to thank you for all the time you spend organising and coordinating our group, you are doing a great job! Also, all the people that worked at the event door, your wife and children... nothing would happen without all of you... many many thanks!
The whole night was a success, a friend of mine who arrived at 9 o'clock thought she was in the wrong place, she could not believe how many people turned up and was waiting for a treatment!
I had great feedback from all my Facelift Massage clients that night (I treated 6 clients, but I would have treated a few more if they haven't had turned up all at 9 o'clock!) They all also asked when it will be the next event. Yes, you can put my name in the list, I will be pleased to take part in the next event!
In my oppinion the beginning of November and a Friday will be great for the next event.
As a suggestion for the Blackheath area venue, what about the St Margaret's Church Hall at Belmont Hill. I go to Weight Watchers meetings down stairs and the place is large enough and has plenty of parking space around.
I am looking forward to see you in the Welling meeting.
Dirlene Mason
Karen Ferguson
Sep 29 2010 3:28PM
Well done everyone! It sounds like I missed a great event. My slightly delayed return from Italy prevented me attending but I'd definitely be interested in future events.

Giuseppe - There's a venue called Quaker/Friends Meeting House at the side of Blackheath station (Lawn Terrace?) that may be worth enquiring about.

Look forward to seeing you all at the next event.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Oct 4 2010 11:53AM
Dear Members,

Please note that we will discuss the next Try A Therapy event at our area meeting.

Please look at the forum entry for details of venue.

Best regards


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