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Posted by Janice M Urquhart, Dec 24 2005 1:40PM

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Huntingtons Disease

A client has asked if I would massage a friend that has Huntingtons Disease- Has anyone got any advice or experience of massaging clients with this condition- that they could pass on to me? Any comments much appreciated.

Maria Del Mar Gallego
Dec 24 2005 7:32PM
Hi, my name is Mar and I am studying holistic massage, I have never heard about this condition, so I am looking for some information about it. I think it is not a contagious disease but you can speak with somebody in the Huntingdon's Disease Asociation (I give you the information that I find in internet).


Huntingdon's Disease

What is Huntingdon Disease?

Huntingdon’s Disease is an hereditary, progressive, degenerative neurological disorder causing a complex mixture of physical, cognitive and mental health problems resulting in profound disability. Every child of an affected parent has a 50% risk of inheriting the disease. It affects both males and females equally. Onset of the condition is most common between the ages of 30 and 50, although there are about 10% of juvenile cases of the condition. Presently there is no cure for this disease and only limited palliative care.

Source: - Huntingdon’s Disease Association

Huntington's Disease Association

Provides help, advice and support to those who are affected, their carers and to professionals offering care.

Founded in 1976, the Huntington's Disease Association has grown to a membership of over 6,500 people. The Association employs 15 regional advisors who work closely to support carers and those coming to terms with their condition, as well as providing educational training to Nursing Homes, Social Services and other agencies working with people who have Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's Disease Association
108 Battersea High Street
London SW11 3HP

Tel: 0207 223 7000
Fax: 0207 223 9489

Janice M Urquhart
Dec 24 2005 10:32PM
Thanks for this, but I have access to the internet and have read up about the disease-what I was actually looking for, and hoping the forum would provide, was a therapist who has given massages on a regular basis, to clients with the condition, who may therefore be able to offer me practical advice. But thank you all the same.
Lorna Doolan
Jul 20 2006 10:38AM
Hi just looking through old stuff and came across this. Are you still looking for info?
I lost 2 brother-in-laws to the Disease - it is in my husbands family. Any way I would treat the client as I would my Parkinson clients, deal with the problem areas, it is a muscle wasting disease, and I know through personal experience that gently massaging the arms and the legs whilst they are sitting, even just the lower limbs does help, it is more the human touch, if the client moves about - part of the condition, just go with them. A gentle neck and shoulders may also help. Unfortuately you don't get a great cure but it helps in the short term, just like my PD clients. Hope this helps.

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