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Posted Oct 12 2010 7:25PM

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Hi i was just wondering when massage and aromatherapy became beauty i have had sports, remedial massage and aromatherapy, i would not consider these to be beauty treatments, i wonder how long it will be before reflexology is considered a beauty treatment too. I have had a reflexology by a beautician who apparently was self taught and held a card with a foot map up whilst treating me, this was in a clinic.Think we really need to look at where complementary and alternative therapy is going as it will never be considered in the public health sector at this rate. Thanks
Dawn Spragg
Oct 12 2010 8:58PM
As a qualified Aromatherapist of 15 years. A therapist who encourages natural Beauty and also teaches ITEC Aoma massage, Massage and Beauty specialist. Aroma can obviously be utilised in beauty sector as there are so many benefits in utilising it in a beauty regime but only by trained Aromatherapist.
Your story of the self-taught reflexologist is still so common.
What did you do when you found out?, did you inform her insurers that she was practicing unlawfully and untrained, or did you ask who her insurers were or who her guild was and inform them. How about informing her employers that she is in breach of their code of conduct and practicing untrained a therapy she has no business practicing without specific knowledge and training. Well do it now. How about suing her and her employers? That would shake them in to action. We have to put a stop to this.

Unfortunately in this day and age it still Buyer or Client beware , if someone is daft enough to go to an unqualified therapist then who can stop them? Would any one go to and untrained surgeon for a face lift? Or a hair dresser who dabbled in dentistry?
When I ask who can stop them there is one simple answer WE CAN! The qualified proffesional therapists with our reputations on the line due to these charlatans and weekend self taught bodds.
If you find someone practicing like this put a stop to it. Get the word out there to the public.
This was supposed to be what the CNHC was for! so where are they? and has any of the General Public even heard of it. NO. So it’s up to each and every one of us to ensure that we stay professional and stomp the self taught and the lets play with a therapy people out.
Love and light watch over you

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