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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Oct 15 2010 1:59PM

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Minutes of Meeting 14th October 2010

Dear Members,

Please find to follow the minutes of last night meeting.

We started the meeting by discussing the last Try A therapy event and what the clients thought of it. I informed the group that the great majority of the replies were very positive and that only 2 had negative (and some were valid) comments. Nevertheless, even those 2 clients intend to attend the next event and have already contacted some of the therapists for treatments.

As the last event was so successful, we are now seeking larger premises with a large car park space (at a reasonable price) this is proving to be difficult in November.

It will be decided by Tuesday the 19th of October where and when the next Try a Therapy will be held.

By Tuesday I will have to have all the names of those therapists taking part at this event.

We also discussed about ways of getting doctors involved.

Rhonda Bailey spoke about Reiki. How it worked, what it was suitable for, the different levels of qualifications and demonstrated a direct application on me. I must admit that I was quite surprised by the sensations I felt and I have been converted to believe in it.

After the brake with biscuits, tea, coffee and wine, we continued with a demonstration of self defence.

Using one of the smallest members of the group and the only other man present, it was possible to demonstrate how easy it is to free oneself and cause some pain to the opponent without using any strength. The classes will start as soon as I have reached 10 people so to cover the cost of the hall.

This led to a talk and group demonstration of Thai Chi and Qigong and their applications for both therapists and clients as tools for stretching and relaxation.

We also spoke of 2 charity events which will have their separate entry in the forum.

Another separate entry forum will be for help with ‘bodies’ for case studies. Many students have difficulties in finding reliable volunteers for their case studies and to practise on. We decided to start a list of names and contact details to give to the local college. One of the therapist present, had to resort to blown up doll to practice on during one of her courses.

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention the date and venue for our next meeting.
It will be at my house, just a Christmas get together, for mince pie (or panettone) and wine, mulled or not. Nominal contribution of £3.00 welcome.

The date is Saturday the 4th of December from 16.00 to 22.00.
The address is 9, Windsor Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8JH

Please let me know who will be able to attend.

I look forward to see many of you at the next meeting.

Best regards,

Area Coordinator
North Kent and South East London

Vanessa Pickett
Oct 15 2010 6:01PM
Sorry I missed the meeting sounds like a lot was covered.
I should be able to make the next meeting at yours (already pencilled it in).
I look forward to details of the next Try a Therpay event as enjoyed taking part in the last one.
Jacqueline Richardson
Oct 15 2010 11:46PM
Hi, I've put the date for the next meeting into my diary and will look forward to seeing you. I would like to say that the group looks very interesting and professional.
Kind Regards
Andrea Little
Oct 16 2010 8:54PM
Hi Giuseppe,

It was a very intresting evening, excellent. I will approach my workplace and let the forum know once I have more information.

I would like to confirm my place for the next try a therapy evening and that I look forward to the

Christmas gathering......

Kind Regards

Andrea Little
Sarah Chandler
Oct 18 2010 8:25AM
Hiya, a very informative meeting on thursday, it was good to speak to other therapists.
Re speaking to a doctor/consultant friend about talking at the "Try an Therapy" evening, I spoke to him on saturday - I did mention about the date given at the meeting - 19 October - he sai he would get back to me - hopefully within the next week or so. I will keep you informed once I know whether he can make it.
Please count me in for the Xmas meeting - 4 December.
Sarah Keywood
Oct 18 2010 3:21PM
Hi Giuseppe

Apologies for not being able to make the last meeting and event, I’m now back from my honeymoon, with a new name and available for meetings.

I would love to come along on the 4th of December and to the next Try a Therapy Event please, looking forward to both.

Kind Regards

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Oct 18 2010 3:59PM
Dear Sarah,

Please note that the date for the next Try A Therapy will be decided, hopefully, tomorrow. I hope it to be Friday the 12th of November. No event is planned for the 19th of October as reported in your comments.

We would like for the doctor you referred to, to come and try some therapies and to have a chat with the various therapists so to understand more what we do at the Try A Therapy event. Unfortunately, he will note have the opportunity to talk to all of us at the same time as we should be very busy. However, it would be great if he can present his comments at a meeting we will have in the new year as the one on the 4th of December is a social event and informal chat.

Sorry if I was not clear at the meeting.

Best regards,

Karen Ferguson
Oct 18 2010 7:31PM
Hi Giuseppe
It sounds like another good meeting took place on 14 October, I'm sorry I was unable to join you all.
If the next Try A Therapy event takes place on Friday 12 November I would love to be involved and will email you separately regarding my treatment.
Also, I'd love to join you for the social event at your house on Sat 4 December, thank you.
Looking forward to seeing familiar (and new) faces!
Lesley Woollard
Oct 19 2010 9:41AM
Hi Giuseppe, It was great to see so many familiar faces at the meeting. It was both enjoyable and informative. I really enjoyed the Tai Chi demonstration by Rhonda. I would like to be included in the Try a Therapy evening and will give all the information to Terie as soon as she is back. I will also hopefully be able to make 4th December. Many thanks for your hard work. Lesley

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