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Posted Oct 22 2010 12:47PM

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What is acupressure?

How can something be called acupressure when acu means needle? do they press with needles?
From what I've seen they don't press either, they follow the same movements as Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage.
Dawn Spragg
Oct 30 2010 1:31AM
I’m sure ACU is more accurately defined as to pin point rather than as an actual pin Its Latin as seeing as Acupuncture and Acupressure are first found in Chinese medicine approx 3000 Bc any way not to be taken so literally me thinks.
I’m not sure what you have watched or observed but Acupressure (a blend of "acupuncture" and "pressure") is a technique where by physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points
( TSUBO Points) by the digits of the hand, elbow, or with various devices. The pressure points used are the same as utilised in traditional Chinese medicine and yes acupuncture.
Its a way of accessing and releasing blocked or congested energy centres in the body. Chinese cultures believe the points to be junctures of meridian pathways that carry energy called chi. Western scientists in the 20th Century have also mapped out and proved the existence of these points using electrical devices and much research is still going on. Acupressure massage therapy stimulates and activates the body’s own energies to help fight illness and restore balance and stop pain.
It’s a very precise practice and more “ modern” pain relief is based on this ancient art.
There are many sites you can visit to find out more such as
or perhaps attend a course or visit a practitioner to gain hands on experience.
I do hope this helps in some way.
God bless
Dawn Spragg
Healing Hands SM4

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