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Posted by Mariette Lobo, Jan 12 2006 10:03PM

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VTCT Courses

Since I didn't get any response to my previous request, I'm going to try again!

Is there anyone out there delivering the following VTCT courses (Level 3):

1 Diploma In Using Therapy Techniques As An Aid To Stress Management

2 Diploma In Understanding The Health Care Environment For Providers Of Compelmentary Therapies

I'd be delighted from any who lectures in one or both of the above.

Mariette Lobo

Ruth Eagin
Jan 13 2006 10:50AM
Hi Mariette,
I do not Lecture in any of the subject you list but I do lecture in VCTC Sports Massage and A& P and I know what a nightmare all the paperwork is. If you want to chat anything through, please make contact again.
Ruth Eagin
Elizabeth Farrow
Jan 13 2006 10:52AM
HI Mariette

I am not currently delivering the VTCT courses but do have knowledge of both subjects you mention.

Let me know how I can help you

Elizabeth Farrow
Carole Thomas
Jan 13 2006 11:10AM
Hi Mariette
similar to your other replies, I don't teach these specific subjects. However am about to start teaching VTCT level 3 Swedish massage and A&P. I am also currently studying the C&G level 4, stage 3 teacher training course, specialising in teaching Holistic Massage. My qualifications are ITEC Massage and A&P, Aromatherapy, Sports massage, On-site massage (with stress management), and VTCT Indian Head.
Not sure what your specific query is but feel free to contact me, prefereably directly on
Carole Thomas

Mariette Lobo
Jan 13 2006 2:47PM
Thanks so much to everybody who replied. It is very specifically the VTCT Stress Management and Healthcare Environment sectors I am interested in. But I will keep your names in my little book and contact you as and when necessary.

Nicki Lee
Feb 2 2006 8:57AM
If you ask your EV from VTCT, won't she put you in touch with someone else providing the course? They must have a register of who has done what.
Good luck,

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