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Posted Nov 23 2010 4:23PM

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room to rent

I am a General dental Practitioner.
I have a free surgery which could be let out.
Please can you tell me what sort of facilities a therapist may require?

Thank you
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Nov 26 2010 9:39AM
Parking is, quite often, a requirement for people unable to walk. A therapist will also need room for storage (towels, products and other equipment - depending on the type of therapy he/she practice) and, obviously, room for a couch and at least 60cm clearance around it. Also, 2 chairs and a small table, for the consultation, and, possibly, a sink. Although some therapists have their own couch, it is good practise to have a room with a good quality, height adjustable (pedal operated) couch.
I hope this will help>



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