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Posted by Victoria Thompson, Dec 10 2010 2:44PM

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Deep tissue massage effects on hands !

I have been gradually growing my holistic massage therapy business and am concentrating on remedial and deep tissue massage. However, some clients prefer a very deep massage and have very immobile muscles and I have just treated one such client and found my thumbs getting stiff and starting to shake a little after a while. Last night my thumb on my right hand was twitching ! Any ideas as to how to minimise the pressure on digits ? I know not straightening the thumb helps but this means less pressure..I do use knuckles as well but haven't had training using elbows..anyone had any experience of this or any tips ? Many thanks !
Roushan Martens
Dec 10 2010 2:47PM
Jing Massage ( have a great 'save your hands' 1-day course - what with that and Myofascial Release training, I've had no problems with my hands for over two years now :)
Marian Child
Dec 10 2010 3:02PM
I second what Roushan Martens said. It does take a lot of getting used to, using your forearms, elbows etc, and I still find myself forgetting, but there are also effective ways of using (supporting) your thumbs which this course teaches you.

The clients benefit too as you can work deeply and maintain the depth without getting tired.
Bridgette Bradley
Dec 10 2010 3:17PM
Hands free technique is a valuable one to learn.
I no longer use my thumbs. Until you get yourself
On a course try a 'massage knobber'
the wooden ones are best or a trigger basalt stone.
Don't damage your own body for the sake of others!
All the very best
Bridgette x

Angela Rawlins
Dec 10 2010 4:09PM
Anyone heard of 'No Hands Massage'? I don't do massage but have seen the massage and it looks very effective. I did not get instruction on how to care for your hands, I'm a Reflexologist. It is very important to do hand and wrist exercises.

Has anyone hear of the 'Power Ball'? I bought one on Amazon - it helped my wrists and elbow problem.
Victoria Thompson
Dec 12 2010 12:36PM
Thank you all for your responses. I will be looking at all of your suggestions ! I will post how I get on, many thanks, Vicky x
Gladys Wright
Dec 19 2010 11:00AM

Hi Angela,
Yes I have heard of "No Hands Massage"
I took a taster course at Camexpo 2010 in Earls Court
I find it very effective
I plan to take the full course in the New Year
For more info you can go to:
Hope this helps
June Campbell
Dec 24 2010 10:44AM
We mainly do office massage so I did No Hands for Seated Massage through AOSM & it was excellent. Think it's essential to learn alternative techniques to using the hands if you want to keep working. Too many therapists have to give up because we don't learn to look after ourselves.

Best wishes (& Happy Christmas!)


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