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Posted by Joline Saunders, Dec 13 2010 3:31PM

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CRB Checks

Hi All,

Just wondered if it is necessary for me to be CRB checked as a holistic massage therapist. I about to do my exams in January in ITEC holistic massage and am planning to set up as a part time therapist but want to make sure I am doing everything correctly.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Bridgette Bradley
Dec 13 2010 7:10PM
As far as I'm aware you don't have to be CRB
Checked. Your local council may require you
To be checked when you apply for your licence
To massage, if this is required in your area. Best
Check this on your council website. It's a good
Idea to be CRB checked and you can state this when
Advertising yourself. You will of course have to
Pay for it. Hope this helps
And good luck with your exams. B
Marianne Free Allitt
Dec 13 2010 10:52PM
I would recommend that you get CRB checked, especially if you are massaging minors.
Marianne Free Allitt
Dec 13 2010 10:53PM
I always ensure that the minor's parent or guardian is present throughout the whole massage too and get the minor and their parent/guardian to sign the medical consultation form/consent to massage form.

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