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Posted Jan 14 2011 10:58PM

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ITEC Sports Massage Course

Sorry just picked up on the debate on your members forum on the above subject. A lot of misinformation is being given---I'm not a member so I hope this is picked up by someone.
The fundamental difference is that BTEC quals, many of which are excellent, do not currently appear on any national education frameworks in this case the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)and are not funded. These (QCF) quals. are directly linked to National Occupation Standards so the content is largely consistent and defined--BTEC quals on the other hand can be hugely different in content.BTEC quals in sports massage are almost exclusively delivered through private schools rather than FE colleges---it is understandably in their interests to claim the highest, the best etc. as part of their marketing You may be aware that there is now a level 6 BTEC qual being delivered by Jing college and no doubt in time there will be a BTEC level 7 and 8. The numbers become meaningless after a while. ITEC and VTCT sports massage quals. are currently on the QCF. Hope this helps.

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