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Posted by Emma Dennis, Feb 2 2011 11:34AM

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Hello All Therapists,
Please can someone give me some pointers on CV's? I am a new therapist and I want to put together a good CV - is it necessary to have one's schooling on there? I'm 32.

Thanks for your responses.

Amanda Clegg
Feb 2 2011 11:48AM
Hi Emma

Firstly take out the greengrocer's apostrophe from CVs - it's a plural not a possessive!

I personally wouldn't go into too much detail about school ( we all went to school so it's a given) - just list the last lot of school exams - if you did A levels then the number of O levels is enough, and if you've done any Further or Higher ed, then again just numbers, eg 7 O levels, 3 A levels, HND/BA or whatever in a bit more detail. Your professional therapy education is obviously important, as is a summary of your work experience. But, keep it brief and be honest if there are gaps: say what you were doing, and don't try to fudge the dates. No need to go into detail about age/personal details but obviously that will be inferred from your work experience. Don't worry about references at this stage but have some ready.

If like me you are a late-career-change person, a brief personal statement about what brought you to therapy and how your personality/previous experience makes you suitable is a really good idea. Again, short and brief. Try it out on a few friends/professianl contacts first to see if you've set the right tone.

Good luck!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Feb 2 2011 1:09PM
Dear Emma,

First of all make sure that your CV is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Unfortunately, it means that you will have to change part of it for, almost, every job application, even if they are all in the same industry.

Read very carefully who they are looking for. You will find this out not just from the job description but also from what they say about the company and from the description of the individual they are looking for.

What I did I prepared a comprehensive CV and than removed some of the qualifications not relevant to the job. Although, some experience may not be directly linked to the job you apply for but they provided the experience and frame of mind so to be adapted to what you will be doing.

For instance If you were a full time mum, you had to deal with the family budget, personnel management (the children, the husband), time management, work under pressure and for long time with little or no rest, etc.

Most importantly, make sure that they are no spelling or grammar mistake (do not rely just on the spell check and no ‘Americanisms’, that it is no more than two pages long and that it is ‘pleasant to the eyes’.

In most cases they have hundreds of CVs to read and they look only for some ‘key word’ (see the bit about what they are looking for). Nowadays, quite a few companies use computers programs to scan CVs. If the words are not there the computer will refuse them.

Don’t forget that the relevant accompanying letter is just as important.

I am attaching my general CV to give you an idea of the layout.

The personal information on it is known to most members anyway.

Good luck,


P.S. My CV is correctly aligned and spaced but all goes to pot when copied to this e-mail

Giuseppe Tomaselli
9, Windsor Road,
Kent DA6 8JH
Tel: 020 8303 4664
Mobile: 0772 687 9506
A professionally qualified Sales Manager with over 25 years of experience in the wine industry where by motivating and mentoring my sales force, I regularly exceeded targets by 20% and won many prestigious contracts. I enjoyed training my sell force and I was proud of their achievements. Considered trustworthy and professional both by employers and customers, I was responsible for the creditworthiness assessment of the customers and to advise the latter on the best way to compile their wine list and for their staff training. Always putting the interest of the company first, in my last position I was able to increase the profitability of the sales team by 8%.

• Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills. I had to deal with professional buyers at government level in Canada and Scandinavian Countries (wine monopolies) and large chains in the UK
• Solution orientated, resourceful, performing well under pressure
• Organised and flexible with extremely productive time management skills
• Communicating effectively at all levels while exercising tact and diplomacy
• The capacity to work on my own initiative or to demonstrate a high level of team contribution
• Motivating and developing staff. My last sells team increased the department profits by 8%
• IT literate – extensive use of Words, Excel and Power Point


September 09 – To date GT Enterprise (Bexley) Ltd
Incorporating: Sport Massage Therapy; GT Wine Import & Consultancy; Self Defence & Karate
• Converting my main hobbies into business activities with some good results.
• Massage Therapy - I had been practicing it as a hobby and increased my client base by ‘word of mouth’. I am now designing my own web site to increase the customer base. I am also area coordinator (North Kent and South East London) for the Complimentary Therapists Association.
• Wine Courses – I hold wine tasting courses either at client premises or my own. They have proved very popular as they also combine the interaction of wine and food.
• Karate – I am a 3rd Dan in Shotokan and been head instructor of various karate clubs for many years where I also teach self defence and various martial arts weapons;

March 07 – August 09 Eurowines Ltd
Regional Sales Manager.
• Responsible for employing, training, motivating, dismissing the South Sales Team.
• Budgeting and arranging targets;
• Arranging promotions and controlling expenditure;
• Visiting mine and the sales force customers.
• Develop new business and manage existing ones.
• Manage debt liability of account portfolio.

March 06 – February 07 Zonin UK Ltd
Selected Accounts Manager.
• Same duties as with Enotria.

September 03 – February 07 Enotria Winecellars Ltd
Selected Accounts Manager.
• Returning to the same duties as before.
February 02 – August 03 Umani Ronchi Srl
Export Manager.
• Representing the company and promoting its products in 52 countries around the world.
• Finding new importers in those countries not yet present and liaising with existing ones to arrange visits of their customers to the winery and of me to their country.
• Formulating budgets and targets according to yearly production and following all the various faces of the orders from placement to arrival to customer.
• Manage debt liability and arrange payments. Design labels and packaging.
September 89 - February 02 Enotria Winecellars Ltd
Selected Accounts Manager.
• Responsible for promoting and representing the company and its products of which an in-depth knowledge is required.
• Establishing a friendly and professional business relationship with existing customers and expanding the customer base.
• Organising promotions and advising the customer on the market trends so to establish a dynamic running of their business.
• Selecting wines, writing and designing of wine lists.
• Training customers staff on understanding and selling wine.


• 2010 Diploma in Lymphodrainage Massage. ITEC Qualification
• 2007 Diploma in Sport Massage including remedial work. ITEC Qualification
• 2006 Diploma in Business Awareness and Professional Conduct with ITEC
• 2006 Diploma in Holistic Massage. ITEC Qualification
• 2005 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. ITEC Qualification
• 1994 Diploma Course Part B with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust
• 1991 TACK Sales Training Course
• 1989 Diploma Course Part A with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust
• 1988 High Certificate course with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust
• 1982 Sailing Course and Bronze Medallion course with G L C
• 1980 Fire Fighting Course with the Italian Navy
• 1979 Diving Course – bombs, torpedoes & mines defusing or disposal; submarines
rescue; bodies’ recovery, deep sea diving, and other classified underwater work
• 1979 Naval Academy, Italy – Examination for Sub Lieutenant Grade
• 1978 Selling and team management course. E.D.I. Grafica. (Painting and
Lithographic firm)
• 1977 Aeronautical Technical Institute. Catania, Italy
Aeronautical Surveyor and Airplane Pilot. Main subjects studied:
Aeronautical Engineering; Meteorology; Aeronautical Navigation; International Aviation Law and Rules Of the Air; Electronics and Radio and Radar Technology; Aeronautical Medicine, Mathematics, Italian, English, History and Geography.
All passed with 70%. Equivalent to an H.N.D.


Flying; diving; swimming; horse riding; reading; driving; theatre; opera; classical music; travel and cooking.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Italian and English

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