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Posted by Juozas Abeciunas, Feb 8 2011 4:55PM

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Has Anyone have experience with chair massage treatment?


I am qualified holistic, sport massage therapist.

I`m trying to set up a business as a mobile chair massage therapist. It is very hard for me at the moment, so I`m wondering, has anyone did something like this before and can give me some tips.
I would be very thankful for any help.

Thank you very much.


Karen Cumbers
Feb 12 2011 5:39PM
Hi, Joseph. I took a on-site massage course after qualifying in Holistic massage as some of my clients run to a tight shedule or prefer to remain in a seated position to receive massage. Both of these requirements are best suited to chair massage. As a suggestion as to the best way to promote chair massage is to maybe offer clients 'taster' sessions free of charge, or offer your services as a volunteer to organisations, such as Stroke Clubs (the carers in particular enjoy a good shoulder massage!). Hope this helps. Best wishes, Karen.
Juozas Abeciunas
Feb 13 2011 8:13PM
Thank you very much Karen.
Marian Child
Feb 17 2011 6:07PM
Another suggestion. Don't just limit yourself to the classical - massaging in an office

the chair can be used at events, fetes etc.

Where I have really benefitted from mine is offering massage to people who

1 - cannot lie on their stomachs. There are quite a few. For example, without meaning to be offensive, those with big busts, stomachs, those who may have hand surgery or hernia (with consent from GP of course)

2 - cannot lie on their backs, maybe pregnant women or again big tummied people. I have a client who has panic attacks when they lie on their back

3 - people who have lower back pain, sometimes feel better when their backs are curved outwards (if that makes sense)

4 - most of my clients with scoliosis prefer the chair

5 - have problems with their shoulders (think this was mentioned in the previous post) You can access the whole joint, although it may not always be easy to work on it.

Good Luck

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