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Posted Feb 23 2011 11:12AM

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complementary therapy

what is the diffrence beteeen complementary therapy and altournative medicine
Keith A. Meager
Feb 25 2011 12:15PM
As Therapists we do not encourage use of the word Alternative as this implies that what we offer provides an alternative treatment to that provided by statutory healthcare professionals. Clearly this is most unwise and a potentially dangerous practice. Imagine what would happen if a complementary healthcare professional convinced a Cancer patient not to undergo surgical or drug treatment? Were that patient to die, you do not need an explanation of what might follow.
Complementary healthcare works alongside that provided from the statutory health sector and should never replace it. A good complementary professional will not hesitate to communicate with and work in conjunction with registered Doctors and Surgeons.
I myself am, among other therapies, a practising Reiki Master/Teacher. I have worked with cancer patients alongside Doctors and Surgeons in a major NHS Hospital to great effect. The more we do this, and the more professional we are, the greater will be the acceptance of our therapies as an integrated part of treatments from the Statutory Sector. Who will gain? The patients, and that is why we are all here!

Keith A Meager
Rxeter Torbay & District Therapists Network.
Mob: 07738 197606

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