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Posted by Roushan Martens, Feb 23 2011 3:38PM

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Edinburgh Emotional Freedom Technique Training courses - AAMET certificated

Emotional Freedom Techniques - Level 1 Course & Level 2 (practitioner) courses in Edinburgh
Courses are certificated with the AAMET, lead body for EFT in the UK

Level 1 weekend course – 10 places
Edinburgh – 9th & 10th April 2011 (smaller group, 8 places) 10-5pm
or 30th April & 1st May 2011 (10 places) 10-5pm

Level 2 (practitioner level) - 10 places
Edinburgh - 21st & 22nd May 2011 10-5pm

_Level 1_
EFT is a gentle, simple and effective tool for dealing with unhelpful thoughts and emotions. It can also help with stress-related physical symptoms. EFT is also sometimes called ‘tapping’, because it involves gently tapping on acupressure points on the face and body, to release and shift emotional states. As the emotions release, we often begin to see things in a new way.

This foundational course is course is practical and enjoyable, and suitable for both therapists and anyone who wants to help themselves and others. The course is over two days (many Level 1 courses are just one day), which ensures there is plenty of time for lots of practice, demonstration, and really thorough grounding in the technique. This means that you can leave being confident and effective with the technique, and ready to bring EFT into your life.

On completion of the weekend, you will be eligible to receive a Level 1 AAMET certificate in EFT. This will allow you to progress, if you wish, to Level 2 – either with a view to becoming a practitioner, or to learn how to use EFT with greater skill and in more depth.
The course covers:
• Introducing EFT and development of EFT
• The 'Basic Recipe' and shortcuts.
• Psychological reversal.
• 'Aspects' and the importance of being specific.
• Testing the changes.
• Handling emotional intensity.
• The Movie Technique.
• Using EFT for aches and pains.
• Using EFT for bad memories.
• Using EFT for cravings.
• What to do when it doesn't work.

Level 1 costs £180 (or £150 if paid in full up to 1 month before the course date), deposit of £50.
• Edinburgh, 13 Smith's Place, Leith – 9th & 10th April 2011 – only 8 places
• Edinburgh 30th April & 1st May 2011, KSD Buddhist Centre, 4 Walker Street – 10 places

"Roushan has a great deal of skill with EFT and she has shown a clear understanding of how people learn EFT. I am confident that she will deliver excellent training"
- EFT Master Gwyneth Moss

_Level 2_
Emotional Freedom Techniques - Level 2 Course (Practitioner Level)

The EFT Level 2 course is the first stage in becoming a registered EFT practitioner with the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). You may wish to attend the course simply to learn more - if you do wish to become a practitioner, you will need to complete further elements after the course for assessment. The assessment includes three case studies and a multiple choice test, and the cost of this is included in the course cost.

This second weekend introduces further techniques and practice, so that you can bring greater skill to your work with EFT. It covers the Level 2 material in the same practical manner as the Level 1 weekend, with exercises and demonstrations. There is also plenty of time for discussing your experiences and questions since completing Level 1.

EFT Level 2 Includes:
• The Tearless Trauma technique and the Tell the Story technique - for work with distressing events.
• The Gentle techniques of Chasing the Pain and Sneaking Up.
• More Techniques and approaches for Physical problems.
• Finding Core Issues - the causes of repeated patterns of behaviour.
• Integrating and Testing results.
• The Palace of Possibilities and freedom from limiting beliefs.
• Delivering EFT by Telephone.
• EFT for groups and Borrowing Benefits.
Additionally this EFT Practitioner course includes: the use of EFT to help focus intention, EFT for children, EFT for animals, and surrogate tapping.

On completion of level two you will have learned:
• how to work with others individually, in groups and over the phone
• how to apply EFT to more complex emotional and physical problems
• how to clear the emotional basis of limiting beliefs that contribute to problems

Times, cost & venues
The Level 2 course costs £230 (£200 if paid in full up to 1 month before the course date), £50 deposit.

• Edinburgh 21st & 22nd May 2011, Gillis Centre, Strathearn Road – 10 places

For more details and booking, please go to, or contact

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