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Posted by Marianne Free Allitt, Feb 14 2006 6:39PM

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Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins

Can anyone tell me the difference between non-hodgkins and hodgkins diseases please?
A lady came to me today for a massage and I'm sure she said she had the "non" version but actually, I didn't know the difference anyway - I was quite surprised that she said she was happy to wait until I'd heard back from her doctor/consultant before going ahead with a massage as often, clients don't understand and WANT A MASSAGE NOW....and don't understand the situation we're in.
Also....has anyone had any experience in massaging people with either??
Feb 18 2006 10:23AMHello

I could recommend an excellent website called Cancerbackup. The web address is: It explains all about different cancers. There is a section on ther about Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins Lympomas.

Hope this helps.

Take Care
Lydia Nightingale
May 13 2006 1:54PM
i work in a cancer hospital and just wanted to suggest that you check out your insurance regarding clients who have cancer. i am insured thru' IGPP/ Embody and when i checked with them before starting working in this area they said i am insured at the hospital but not when "treating cancer patients in a non-cancer care setting" ie in private practice.
hope this is useful advice even if it may mean turning some clients away
all the best

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