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Posted by Sridevi Sriskantharajah, Feb 28 2011 2:21PM

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Lumps on the back

Hi, I am a newly qualified massage therapist and a friend of mine has what I can describe as small lumps on their back. They are about 2-3cm and move around when you touch them. My friend has since seen their GP who has diagnosed it as lumps of fat deposits and told them not to worry about it. I did some research could it be Lipoma? Can massage help ?
Carla Hanreck
Feb 28 2011 8:10PM
Sounds like those benign lumps you often seen on people's arms. The old fashioned remedy was to bash them with a family bible! maybe not in this case. My brother has them on his arm - he had one large one removed with the area being anaesethised - bizarre apparently like a little flying saucer being popped out. ANyway, in chinese medicine terms we are talking stagnation of energy, even phlegm - which is a much denser form of energy. So in these terms we are talking about blood and phlegm - I am thinking circulation and diet - especially of damp foods such as cheese, milk, yogurt, sugar and alcohol. If we take the analagy that we are basically about plumbing and electrics then these are blockages in the pipes at the surface level. So , lymphatic work should make a difference.
Mike Colquhoun
Mar 1 2011 11:29AM
Hi Sridevi
On the back this is not a ganglion which is the one they sometimes hit with a bible, on the back it is, as you said, a lypoma, a small fatty lump, normally left well alone they settle to staying small and so not a problem. Very occaisionally if they grow unslightly in a place that matters a Doctor wil remove them but this is rare. Over the years I have found that gentle massage around the area does no harm and may help to keep them small. As a masseur remember that to do no good is acceptable but to do harm is not, so be gentle and careful.
Oh and never hit a Ganglion with a bible or anything else.
Enjoy your work, Yours aye Mike
Heather Willoughby
Mar 2 2011 12:24PM
Just to say, the only reason that a Bible was used to bash any lumps ect was because it was usually the only book to be found in households, and the heaviest.
Not a good idiea to bash any lump or bump.
Amanda Clegg
Mar 2 2011 2:29PM
I would agree with Mike - I've come accross these from time to time - people generally know they have them and have had them checked out by the Dr. The largest has been about 3" across but pretty flat. Treat them gently when effleuraging, and obvioulsy don't apply any deeper techniques directly on them.
Sridevi Sriskantharajah
Mar 2 2011 2:44PM
Thank you all for you responses and suggestions very much appreciated.
Victoria Page
Mar 8 2011 2:20PM
Hi, just to add ... my Dad has several of these "fatty deposits" on his stomach and legs and a friend of mine has about 40, which he hates as they're on his back, upper arms, stomach. These have been confirmed by the doc as nothing to worry about and it seems they seem to be more common in men than women.

Victoria :)

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