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Posted by Charlene Quincey, Mar 15 2011 12:50PM

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Newly Qualified - Legal Requirements

I have just qualified in Massage Techniques (ITEC Level 3) and would like to set up a Mobile Service. I am just not sure what the next step is with regards to legal requirements of running this sort of business. I have arranged membership and insurance with CTha but what else do I need? DO I need to register as a company and do I need a massage licence. What happens if I do it for 3 months and it doesn't work out or I get a job in a spa etc.

Any advice would be appreciated as I don't want to start on the wrong foot?

Many thanks
Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 15 2011 1:05PM
Hi Charlene,

Iv recentley set up as a mobile therapist and like you am a bit bewildered with it all. Regarding the licence I advise you to get in touch with your local borough council, they should have information regarding special treatment licences on their web site.. After reading what my council were requiring (no licence required for mobile therapists) I emailed them asking them to clarify my needing a licence. That way I have it in writing for my records. Bear in mind each council has there own rule and requirements which is why you need to check with your own . Hope that helps a bit.
Good luck Sandra
Nikki Watson
Mar 15 2011 1:44PM
Hi Charlene and Sandra

I've just set up too!

I wouldadvise you to get in touch with both Business Links and HMRC as they can offer you a lot of free help and advice. I've found them both extremely helpful and supportive.

Good luck to both of you

Nikki Watson
Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 15 2011 1:49PM
Thanks Nikki,

Yes, I would echo your advice also re HMRC ! and businesslink. Im attending my second HMRC workshop tomorrow morning .
Good luck to you too !
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Mar 15 2011 4:07PM
Hi Charlene,

You need to do two things.

One, as already mentioned in this forum, your local council or any other council within boundaries you intend to operate in.

In most cases, you do not need a licence, but in some you do.

The other thing is to decide what type of company you want to be.

Probably, the easiest is to be a sole trader as you have little risk from debtors and you, most probably, would be working on your own. Remember, you can work as a self employed individual, even if you work in a SPA, Gym etc. It has many tax advantages against been employed as you can claim many different type of expenses against your earnings. The disadvantage is that you have to sort out your own PAYE, very easy if you only earn £400.00 a month (no N.I. contributions and no Tax) or if you earn less than the minimum Tax threshold (I cannot remember the figure but I believe it is around £550.00 per month). However, in the second case you need to pay N.I.

Remember also, it is VERY difficult to make a profit in the first year of trading. Set up costs (i.e. couch, uniform, waxes, balms, oils, couch roll, cost of running a car – 40 pence per mile- cost a mobile phone, leaflets, business cards, home phone bill, part of your rent/mortgage/electricity/heating – if you also work from home, and much, much more) and building up a customer base will take time (most of the clients pay cash).

Hope this helps.

Good luck

Charlene Quincey
Mar 15 2011 4:31PM
Thanks to all who replied to my query. You have all been very helpful and informative. Wow this forum is great!

Best regards,

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