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Posted by Hilary John , Mar 15 2011 6:35PM

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Independent Safeguard Authority for Qualified Infant and Baby Massage Instructor????

Hi All

Do any other baby massage instructors have any information about the I.S.A?

I recently qualified and my instructor said i now need to contact this government branch and pay them around £20 to be allowed to work with babies and infants.

There isn't a dedicated form to fill in online and not very much information on their website about how much it costs, what it entails, etc etc (

I know it is a relatively new thing - Only since Feb of this year and i think it is along the same sort of lines as a CRB check?

If anyone else has done this, knows the easiest way to go about it, how much it costs, how they might keep my information etc etc i would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance

Amanda Clegg
Mar 15 2011 10:58PM
The government has had to go back to the drawing board with Vetting & Barring, as it was unworkable. I don't think you will need this anyway as you are not working with the children away from their parents. If you work in a school/youth group/care home etc where you are in contact with kids when parents are not present, then you do need to be CRB-checked, but the organisation you work for does this on your behalf. Double check with the CAB or similar to make sure. Been lots in the press lately about the govt. u-turn if you google 'vetting & barring".

Amanda Clegg
Mar 15 2011 10:59PM
ISA is Independent Safeguarding Authority. Typical that their website isn't clear!

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