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Posted by Samantha Weekes, Mar 23 2011 5:35PM

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The Big Savings Club

Hi all,

Just had a call from a lady wanting to book a free mini pamper treatment (I'm holistic not beauty) when I asked her where she'd got my details she said was a member of the Big Savings Club. Embody have partnered with them to promote therapists.

Did I miss notification of this?


Amanda Clegg
Mar 23 2011 5:43PM
Oh not again - come on, Embody: get your act together. There's a whole thread about promotions where therapists were listed who had not signed up. Looks like a repeat scenario. Poor you!
Amanda Clegg
Mar 23 2011 5:45PM
it's on fairly low down the list in General Discussions.
Caroline Platt
Mar 23 2011 5:59PM
I have had 3 calls regarding free treatments or mini treatments I just say that I am not part of the
promotion and do not do free treatments. I do not take part in any EMBODY promotions as I think they
are a waste of time.

Caroline Platt
Marianne Free Allitt
Mar 23 2011 10:30PM
O dear - here we go again...... what's going on?!?!?!
Amanda Clegg
Mar 23 2011 10:37PM
I've messaged Zara Gooch, CThA administrator, about this.
Marianne Free Allitt
Mar 23 2011 10:44PM
I never ever did get a reply back from Embody or the CThA when it happened to me back in January.. I think I sent 3 emails but no reply!! (they must be exceptionally busy at the moment - I emailed them about something completely different about 8 weeks ago and only just got a reply from them last week!!)
Amanda Clegg
Mar 23 2011 10:51PM
Do they have an AGM sometime? Seems they're not really helping us much!
Samantha Weekes
Mar 24 2011 5:29AM
Thanks for your replies. I was beginning to think I was going doolally! It seems Embody have handed over their entire list of therapists.

In my experience free treatments don't lead to full paying clients and I'm surprised Embody would have signed up for this kind of promotion.

Amanda I'll have a look back at the thread.


Angelina Kelly
Mar 24 2011 9:24AM
I'm glad to see that at least we (therapists) have got our act together and stopped doing free treatments. It has been my experience also that they don't lead to full paying clients all they do is give the public the impression that we are happy to be exploited.

I'm glad Embody have been contacted again regarding this, I know they won't answer but if enough of us plague them about it and if we perhaps don't renew our memberships, then they will have to listen and do something about it.

Our support of eachother is vital and it's great that we have this forum to do that.

Angelina Kelly
figures FIG
Mar 24 2011 9:30AM
Dear all

I have searched on the Embody For You website and looked at all the above members. None of you above have signed up for the promotions, which unfortunately means that it is the public searching incorrectly on the website. We are unable to do anything about this unless a member of the public incorrectly searches and contacts us to let us know. At that point we can direct them to the correct list.

We apologise for the inconvenience.
Angelina Kelly
Mar 24 2011 9:37AM
Is there no way we can get Embody to discontinue the promotion on the grounds that, as far as therapists are concerned, it doesn;t work? After all it is suppossed to be promoting the therapies and the therapists isn't it?

Angelina Kelly
Marianne Free Allitt
Mar 24 2011 9:47AM
Gary - do you work for the CTha or Embody or are you a therapist like us??
figures FIG
Mar 24 2011 10:01AM
Yes I do work for CThA although I have only recently started.

The promotions are only for those who wish to be a part of it. The idea behind them was to give tasters to the public, not full treatments, in order for the therapist to attract customers and build up a returning client relationship.
Angelina Kelly
Mar 24 2011 10:15AM

Clearly, as you can see from this thread, it doesn't work from a therapists point of view. Perhaps you could convey this to CThA and Embody.

Angelina Kelly
Nicki Lee
Mar 24 2011 10:50AM
I completely agree about not giving away free treatments, and I have never been a fan of a '2for1' offer either. I think it devalues what we do. You don't see osteopaths or chiropractors giving away their valuable services, why should we? I think it gives an unprofessional image.
I've also found that this doesn't lead to repeat business anyway.
People that search out the cheapest don't tend to be loyal customers, as soon as they find someone charging less off they'll go!
I'm very disappointed that both Embody and FHT seem to gear all their promotions to us giving or discounting our services. I don't take part in promotions anymore because of it.
Sharon Lorimer
Mar 24 2011 11:37AM
Gary, You mention that it is the general public searching the embody site incorrectly, well I've just just searched the site for sports massage and my name is included within the Womans Own Offer, which I have definately not signed up for. In fact I've not signed up for any of the promotions as, like many other therapists have already stated, I feel they undermine and undervalue our skills that we have worked so hard to achieve and maintain.

Amanda Clegg
Mar 24 2011 2:46PM
totally agree with Nikki, and Gary, if you refer back tothe other thread in General Discussion mentioned above, I think this will fill you in as to why we are all a bit irritated!
Angelina Kelly
Mar 24 2011 2:49PM

Please refer to A Therapists' Dilemma and Rant and Rave to fill you in on our disgruntlement on this issue

Karin Douglas
Mar 24 2011 10:23PM
Have just searched .. both on the offer page and the general therapist search - and it looks as though only " Woman's Own" offers are coming up .Looks like I've vanished off the search facility!
Marianne Free Allitt
Mar 24 2011 10:30PM
I can also see the Muller Lite offer too?!?!
Victoria Page
Mar 25 2011 11:31AM
This is so weird .... I am included in this offer (stupid me for signing up, I don't even remember doing this and if I did I was obviously on another planet when I read it) and I've had nobody contact me. In the past I've signed up for the 2 for 1 offers and have only ever had one person take me up on it.

I must just be lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it).

I do my own discount arrangements and in the past they've really worked for me and had some great long-term clients from my introductory offer. And those that are looking for a "quick 'cheap' fix" I see it as upping my income when as a not busy therapist is vital.

When I'm popular and busy, then I'll probably stop doing such offers :) ..... I hope that happens soon having just moved and starting over again!

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