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Posted by Deborah Wright, May 2 2011 2:10PM

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home study courses

Has anybdy had experience of home study courses? Are the qualifications recognised?

Kind Regards
Kathryn Kemp
May 2 2011 2:15PM
Hi Deborah

I looked at some but was advised to be careful as most are not recognised by my insurance company or CThA, unless it specifically states otherwise. I think the main reason is you could basically get anyone to complete it for you while you are at home. Be careful.

Bridgette Bradley
May 2 2011 2:27PM
Yes I agree with Kathryn. CThA probably won't recognise
Such courses. Don't waste your money. B
Deborah Wright
May 2 2011 2:53PM
Thank you for your replies ladies, I did have my doubts.

Kind Regards
Barbara Lewis
May 2 2011 6:55PM
check first whether your insurer will recognise the course the provider should be able to give you a syllabus and assessment detail s - it may cost you a minimal fee for them to check it - otherwise you can end up with an insurer for each course you do !
i think if it is a therapy course you do need to have some hands on tutor lessons and assessments and case studies to be sure you are confident - if is for background interest ie an ou course tutor face to face contact not so important and many are computer delivered and marked

Alison Baillie
May 3 2011 10:11AM
Hi, I have just read you post I have just finished a home study course which is recognised by the CThA and they advertised it in the Embody mag. I found it very helpful to be able to study at home as my personal life would not allow me the time to attend a course. As it was an add on and not a full qualification, I felt it was fine. There was tutor help when required, assessments to do, and checks on qualifications, and very helpful feed back on assessments. If it was not a suitable way to learn then things like the Open University would not survive.

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