Local Member Groups

This section contains up-to-date listings of the Local Member Group events. Click on a group below for more information. Note that each Local Member Group also has it's own dedicated forum where you can discuss forthcoming events, changes, etc.

For more information on local groups you can email regions@ctha.com or call 0845 202 2941.

  • Ashford
  • Black Country Networking Hub
  • Bournemouth Networking Hub
  • Brighton, Worthing and Chichester Networking Hub
  • Bristol & Bath Networking Hub
  • Bromley Networking Hub
  • Canterbury
  • Central and North London Networking Hub
  • Central West Yorkshire
  • Central Worcestershire
  • Croydon and Beyond Networking Hub
  • Darlington and District (North Yorkshire)
  • Dublin Ireland
  • East Grinstead Networking Hub
  • Eastbourne Networking Hub
  • Essex Networking Hub
  • Galway & Connemara
  • Gravesend Networking Hub
  • Greater Manchester/South Cheshire