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Posted by Angela Rawlins, May 27 2011 5:41PM

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The Nightingale Colalaboration

Angela Rawlins
May 27 2011 5:42PM
Medical Evidence for Reiki?

My name is Maggie Bevington & I am a Registered Homeopath & Reiki Master Teacher in the Newcastle, Staffs, UK.

I have received a complaint (I believe from a skeptic campaign called The Nightingale Collaboration who have targetted many comp therapists & are currently attacking homeopathy - again!) about descriptions of Reiki & it's effects on my websites and

They both contain pretty usual stuff but are deemed in contravention of CAP law by the ASA - Advertising Standards Authority.

I am requesting any research articles / studies / references that you may have access to in order to make a case for Reiki! I have 2 weeks to make changes (basically to remove anything positive in suport of Reiki!) before they will threaten to remove my web provider. So please send anything before June 14th if at all possible - but if after this date it will still be useful for future reference.

(I am aware of lots of research cited on the William Rand website but cannot afford the shipping cost for the printed version! the book is $35 but with shipping its almost $100!)

I am looking at this experience as a positive challenge & an opportunity to improve my own website but I hope that it may also help others who may also be the target of such unbalanced energy in the future. I think it's important to remain grounded & welcome the experience for the highest good of all - of course!

Even if you don't have access to any research please send your Reiki thoughts to 'the cause' of promoting our sacred work positively & healing those individuals on both 'sides of the fence'!

Please can you contact me directly via

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