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Posted by Pamela Bracken, Jul 6 2011 7:49PM

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Circulatory-K is a unique, revolutionary, fun, practical, workshop designed to give you a ‘tool box’ of simple, fast, effective, safe, tried and tested techniques you can easily incorporate into a health care plan which may:

* Enhance the effectiveness of your treatments

* Increase circulation

*Strengthen weak muscles, and reduce pain

* Have a positive effect on organs and glands

* Fix blood sugar imbalances, balance urine and saliva pH, help ME and any long term illness; reduce insulin requirements by diabetics; and strengthen the aura

* Normalise blood pressure (high and low)

* Help mental fatigue, slow learners, anxiety, stress,
knee pain,indigestion, colic, digestive upsets,
difficulty climbing stairs; low back pain, stomach ache
breathing difficulties; palpitations, dizziness;
shoulder, elbow and chest pain;
bleeding gums; headaches; RSI;

By the end of this action packed day you will be able to:
* Balance blood chemistry

* Use Bennetts gentle vascular reflexes

* Treat blood pressure imbalances using magnets and /or nostril breathing

* Compute the ideal heart rate for exercise, those recovering from major illness or injured

* Understand the relationship between water and blood pressure and test for dehydration

* Clear compensations using pulse synchronisation

INVESTMENT: £57-00 includes a FREE manual worth £20 and Certificate of Attendance.

This workshop can be delivered anywhere in the UK at a centre near you, during the week or weekend

FOR DETAILS Call Remedies on 01388-720-146 or email

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