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Posted by Sue Hannaford, Apr 3 2012 9:04PM

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Membership Certificate query

Hi guys. I have just received my new membership certificate but it doesn't have any registered treatments listed. Is this correct? Has anyone else had the same?
Tracy Greaves
Apr 4 2012 9:41PM
no it came with the details of treatments
Sue Ingram
Apr 4 2012 10:04PM
Still waiting to get my so will let you know when I do. Sue
Henry Watson
Apr 4 2012 10:07PM
No treatments listed on mine - but they are all listed on the Insurance Certificate so I am quite relaxed about it.
Sue Hannaford
Apr 4 2012 10:32PM
Hi Tracy. Did you get yours recently?

Hi Sue. That would be great.

I have been in touch with Zara in Membership Admin and apparently they aren't putting them on anymore. Apparently it's good enough that it's on the Embody website etc "The CThA certificate is now a general membership certificate; however, all your treatments are still listed on the embodyforyou website, on your receipt and most importantly, on your insurance documents." However, it is in breach of insurance policy terms and conditions if we display our insurance certificate in our premises, according to Holistic Insurance Services.

Therefore to evidence our registered treatments in our clinic rooms we would have to display all our certificates, rather than just in the CThA one - not very practical for rented clinic rooms!
Hazel Markou
Apr 4 2012 10:53PM
Susan, where are you getting the information from that Insurance Certificates should not be displayed? It is generally a requirement for all businesses to display their professional insurance certificates.
Andrew Osborne
Apr 4 2012 10:56PM
I would be surprised if it is a breach of insurance if you display a certificate. Every where I have ever worked has had to display public liability insurance certificates.
Sue Hannaford
Apr 5 2012 8:28AM
It IS a breach - I have it in an email from Holistic Insurance Services.
Sue Hannaford
Apr 5 2012 8:29AM
PS If anyone wants me to forward the email to them I would be happy to do so - or check with Alison or Rose for yourselves.
Andrew Osborne
Apr 5 2012 8:54AM
If you could give me their contact details I'd be grateful. Could you email me on ?
Henry Watson
Apr 5 2012 10:15AM
Perhaps you could copy the e-mail to this forum - I, too, am surprised that there could be a condition that forbids the display of such a Certificate. When I pay for a treatment I ask to see membership and Insurance.
Andrew Osborne
Apr 5 2012 11:09AM
I have just telephoned the insurance company and they do advise that is is a breach to display the certificate as it can encourage a claim. Only reveal if asked is their policy. This does not include Employers Liability Insurance where there is a requirement to display.

This is annoying when you consider you are trying to run a professional service with proper standards and responsibility. Not pleased.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

CThA Administrator
Apr 5 2012 3:56PM
The CThA has recently updated its membership certificate; the key objective of this change was to improve the clarity in communicating to the general public that the therapist is a member of a multi disciplinary professional association.

Treatments that are accepted with the CThA and that you are insured to practice can be listed on the website where members of the public can find you.

Kind Regards,

Zara Gooch

CThA Membership Administrator
Sue Hannaford
Apr 5 2012 9:07PM
Thanks Zara. I will reply to you directly by email, but I would like to point out that I do not have internet facilities at my clinics and not everyone has internet. The old certificate did an excellent job in being a visible and quick reference for visiting clients (and prospective clients) to see what treatments and modalities I was qualified and registered with CThA to practice. In addition he Embody directory is NOT just CThA (and BThA) as once was, but a general directory for anyone who wants to pay to join.

This is another retrograde step in my opinion (eg the removal of the requirement to do minimal CPD) that has been imposed upon us without any consultation and not even a mention in the covering letter. And why on earth are my CPD points showing on my certificate but not my therapies?!?! What does anyone else think? Is the FHT any better, more professional?
Matthew Johns
Apr 5 2012 9:56PM

Hello Sue,

I've just checked my Certificate and it lists what my qualifications are, in the same way my Certificate of Insurance lists in Section 8: Business Activity.


Matt Johns
Sue Hannaford
Apr 5 2012 10:04PM
Hi Matt. Yes, my one for last year (and every year since 1999!!) did as well. When you renew it will no longer have registered therapies listed.

Hazel Markou
Apr 6 2012 1:02AM
In discussions with Holistic Insurance over this matter the have suggested that CThA reconsider their stance on this. They don't want to have insurance certificates displayed since they think it will increase the chance of claims. I don't agree with them, however for now their T&C stands. It does however, seem strange the CThA have discontinued the practice of displaying the qualified therapies - surely this is leaving things open for unscrupulous therapists to imply they are qualified in something that they actually aren't. CThA please reconsider.
Sue Hannaford
Apr 6 2012 5:07PM
Haxel, I agree - CThA please reconsider. This is the reply I got when I asked for an old style certificate:

Unfortunately we will be unable to send you out a certificate in the old format as it would not be a valid current CThA certificate. The key objective of the layout change was to improve the clarity in communicating to the general public our therapists are members of a multi disciplinary professional association. Treatments that are accepted with the CThA and that you are insured to practice can be listed on the website where members of the public can find you. If you wish, we can write you a letter which confirms which treatments you have registered with the CThA.

I'd rather have a certificate to display!!

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