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Posted by Angela Rawlins, May 2 2012 12:29PM

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Dear Members

I have read this post:

Leisure Medical UK - can anyone help me with this?
I recently signed up with Leisure Medical UK Ltd and bought some advertising space which will go on the back of some appointment cards at a Doctor's surgery in Battersea. I've handed over £100 and have two more installments of £100 to give for 24 months worth of advertising. Does anyone have any direct experience with this company (good or bad!) and can give me some advice as I've seen rather a lot of negative press about them online and now not sure what to do! I could bypass the £100 if it means not having to spend more, but the thought of giving my full £300 up for getting nothing(?) in return doesn't make me feel good. I spoke to the Doctor's surgery and they said they hadn't had any appointment cards from Leisure Medical in months and were using another company. I spoke to the rep Tony about this and he said he was dumbfounded and would get back to me. Does anyone know what my rights are in regards to not paying or breaking the contract? Do I need to?! Thanks so

It seems that this sort of advertising is still being done with members paying out lots of money for nothing. I was caught in this same trap some years ago and paid a lot and got nothing back.

PLEASE would you take care, before taking up the contract, ask for copies of the cards, brochures and phone some of the advertisees to see what results they had.
Please tell your friends
Amanda Clegg
May 2 2012 1:54PM
Good reminder, Angela. I still get the odd call like this. I checked with the GP surgery & they diddn't know about it, nor did the chemist in whose name one cmpany rang.
Julia Foley
Jul 25 2012 9:50AM
Hi Angela

If you are in a "two year Contract", check the paperwork and you will probably find that you are on a "rolling Contract". To avoid paying any more money, make sure you write to them and say that you do not wish to continue advertising with them after the initial two years. You have to do this within the first year of signing up with them. I signed up with them for two years (or so I thought), didn't receive a single enquiry, and then found that I had to pay for another year as I hadn't advised them during the first year that I did not wish to continue advertising with them. Good luck. Julia
Angela Rawlins
Jul 31 2012 3:20PM
Hi Julia

Thanks, I'd got out of it some years ago. Unfortunately, therapists are still getting caught. No one I know has had any results from this advertising. The doctors surgeries get the booklets FREE, because the ads pay for it!!!

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